Soul Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training!

Jurgen and Nattacia Mantei lead their 5th

200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training!


Deepen your personal yoga practice! 

Learn to safely and confidently teach others 






Pay $500.00* non-refundable deposit upon acceptance and begin working with Jurgen and Nattacia immediately via a private Teacher Training group!

As a Keener you’ll receive:

  • Immediate access to exclusive online materials, reading and/or video recommendations!
  • The inside scoop on where/what Jurgen and Nattacia are up to in the way of trainings, workshops and events they’re attending – plus behind the scenes meets & peeks of all sorts of yoga celebrities!
  • Front-of-the-line access to workshops offered by Jurgen & Nattacia (offer does not include cost of workshops)

The earlier you apply, get accepted, registered and pay your non-refundable deposit of only $500.00* the sooner you’ll have access to exclusive pre-work that will give you a serious head start!!!

* Indicates Plus GST

Students may pay for tuition and fees with cash, debit card or credit card through Soul Hot Yoga, #246 5126 – 126 Ave SE Calgary AB T2Z 0H2. Phone 403-234-7685



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  • You’ll begin by becoming immersed in classical Ashtanga style, followed by functional anatomy. With these strong foundations in place you’ll then move into Vinyasa style, a more free-flowing and intuitive style of yoga.
  • Each time we meet you’ll practice, partake in yoga philosophy, meditation, mantras and various teaching methodologies, complete assignments related to the training lectures, and have the opportunity to share/teach.
  • Jurgen and Nattacia will share the simple, yet cutting-edge, health/healing techniques they have used to help heal themselves from devastating health challenges; such as cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.



  • Develop your personal asana practice
  • Key Principles of alignment
  • Ensuring safety and preventing injuries as a student and a teacher
  • How to sequence postures for classes wisely, intellectually yet creatively
  • Use and power of Pranayama Breathing Techniques


  • Ashtanga Primary Series overview
  • Yin – Guest instructor Crystal May
  • Restorative – Guest instructor Dale Miles
  • Kid’s Yoga for ages 5 to 17 – Guest instructor Nicole Langley
  • Pre-natal and Posture Modifications for Pregnant Students – Guest pre-natal instructor
  • Injury modifications – Guest instructors Sean & Matthew De Lima-Thiel
  • Chakras (Energy centres of the body) – Guest instructors Sean & Matthew De Lima-Thiel
  • The Power of Meditation and Mantras – Guest instructor Dale Miles
  • Building Voice Projection and Confidence – Guest voice instructor


  • Understanding posture names in Sanskrit – the language of yoga
  • Demonstrating postures with confidence
  • Observation and adjustment principles
  • Accommodating students of all levels, ages and abilities
  • Verbal and hands-on adjustment
  • Integrating yoga philosophies into your classes
  • Using voice, body language and touch


  • Study of “functional” anatomy & physiology as it relates to yoga – Anatomy instructor Ed Louie
  • Focus on understanding anatomical limitations
  • Variations of postures to accommodate all body/skeletal types
  • Anatomy portion of the training will be taught by the highly accredited Edward Louie


  • History & lineage of yoga
  • Diet and cleansing techniques of a yogi – taught by Health & Vitality Coach Nattacia Mantei
  • Study and application of the 8 limbs of yoga in today’s world
  • Yoga Sutras – the Ethics of Yoga – Guest instructor Crystal May


  • Class observation and assisting
  • Practice hands-on adjustments
  • Hands-on practice teaching – as lead teacher in Karma Classes
  • Building confidence as a teacher
  • Use of music, voice and silence in classes


  • Ashtanga Yoga – The Practice Manual: David Swenson (book)
  • The Yamas & Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice: Deborah Adele (book)
  • Key Muscles of Yoga: Ray Long

Supplemental Suggested Resources: (not required)

  • Teaching Yoga – Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship: Donna Farhi (Book – includes CD)
  • Teaching Yoga – Essential Foundations and Techniques: Mark Stephens (book)
  • The Heart of Yoga – TKV Desikachar (book)
  • Light on Yoga – BKS Iyengar (book)



NEW condensed schedule! 

Rather than trying to cram new knowledge into a tight one or two months, our schedule offers a relaxed and healthy learning environment over a comfortable 5 month period – allowing you to deeply absorb and integrate this new knowledge into your daily life and yoga practice.

DATES & SCHEDULE for 2017:

We have carefully designed our schedule so that no training days fall on long weekends or special occasions, such as Mother’s Day.

Training days run from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. 

Sunday training days require and include participation in Warm Power Flow class from 10:00 – 11:15 am at Soul Hot Yoga

Saturday & Sunday     

Apr 22 & 23

May 6 & 7

Saturday ONLY

May 13 (no training Mother’s Day May 14th)

Saturday & Sunday 

May 27 & 28

June 10 & 11

Saturday ONLY  

June 17 (no training Father’s Day June 18th)

Saturday & Sunday      

June 24 & 25

July 8 & 9

July 22 & 23

Aug 12 & 13

Aug 26 & 27

Sept 9 & 10

Sept 23 & 24

Training Location:

Training sessions are held in a clean, professional and genuine yoga studio space at Soul Spin Studio’s non-heated yoga room located on the second floor at #226 5126 – 126 Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta.

Enrollment is limited to 16 trainees in order to ensure individualized attention – 

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Tuition includes: 180 contact hours, teacher-training manual, and unlimited yoga* from April 22 – Sept 24, 2017 at Soul Hot Yoga.

  • Attending a minimum of 2 yoga practices/week at Soul Hot Yoga (or other studio approved by faculty) is required; it is highly recommended that you vary the style of classes you attend.

*Perkville points do not apply.

Upon acceptance into the program, a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to secure your space in this teacher-training program. Full deposit is applied to tuition. Failure to pay deposit within 10 days of acceptance forfeits application approval and will require re-application and approval.

Regular Tuition $3,295.00* when paid in full prior to Friday March 25, 2017

Early Bird Tuition: $2,995.00* when paid in full on or before March 1, 2017

Payment plan ALSO available:

  • $500.00* deposit due upon acceptance & registration
  • $975.00* due on or before March 25, 2017
  • $975.00* due on or before April 15, 2017
  • $975.00* due on or before May 6, 2017

* Indicates Plus GST

ALL Payment plan participants MUST provide a valid credit card or post-dated cheques with their first installment.


LIVE hands-on instruction 

Allows you to ask questions of our expert team, which is especially important when it comes to aspects of yoga such as adjustments or anatomy, we don’t expect you to learn via video instruction alone. We strive to ensure you understand, can integrate and share the knowledge you’ve gained with not only confidence but also student safety in mind.


Jurgen Mantei – Director of Teacher Training & Primary Faculty

Initially, curiosity is what drew me to yoga in the 1990’s, at a time when there were very few studios or people doing yoga, but as my practice deepened it was the power the practice had in restoring my health and ultimately opening me to my spiritual body that turned my curiosity into a deep respect and love for yoga.

The highest blessing I have in teaching is being able to share my passion for yoga and to have an effect in the lives of the student; when I see my students move forward to become teachers and far surpass where I have taken them I’m honoured to have been part of their journey.

One of the main things that keeps me enthusiastic about Yoga is being around such an amazing, positive, health conscious and spiritual community of practitioners who inspire me to be better, dig deeper and soar higher.

I’ll be forever grateful to my most influential yoga teachers, especially Tim Miller, David Swenson, Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane.

Nattacia Mantei – Teacher Training Administrator & Co-Faculty

Being introduced to the active style of Ashtanga yoga in 2004 proved to me that yoga can not only improve strength, flexibility and relaxation, when principles of proper Nattacia Yoga Blockalignment are applied, it could also help alleviate much of the chronic joint pain and stress that 25 years as an aesthetician and spa owner had created.

It’s tremendously fulfilling to help a student feel like a winner at yoga – to see the joy that radiates from a student’s face when, because of a simple modification or alignment tip I’ve shared with them, they’ve just achieved a posture that’s been challenging for them, or has helped to alleviate any amount of pain or discomfort.

Sharing my lifelong passion for discovering natural healing techniques and integrating my experience as a Certified Health Coach throughout our Soul Vinyasa Flow Teacher Trainings definitely provides our trainings with a unique edge – it’s the perfect environment for helping others discover how they, and their loved ones, can achieve optimum health and vitality, naturally and non-invasively

Edward Louie – Anatomy Lead Faculty

Edward Louie has been studying anatomy and working with the movement of the human body for the past 31 years. His passion for anatomy and exercise was first sparked while earning his degree in Physical Education in 1985. He began his career as a Health and Fitness coach in the corporate world and has since spent the past 28 years as an Artistic Gymnastics Coach.As a Sport and Therapeutic Massage practitioner since 1994 he began travelling the globe in 1998 with Canadian and International elite athletes and teams. He continues to remain active with Gymnastics Canada and Speed Skating Canada in various capacities.Ed decided to pursue another lifelong passion – a keen desire to learn – by shifting his attention in 1994 from his background in Martial Arts, having earned his Black Belt in 1985, over to the practice of Yoga. It was the beginning of his love affair with all forms of yoga and all that it represents.


Dynamic Guest Faculty:

We believe that student’s learn best when they’re exposed to a variety of teachers. That’s why we invite other members of Soul Hot Yoga’s dynamic team of instructors to join in as guest faculty, sharing their passion for various styles of yoga, chakras, meditation, etc.

Crystal May

Dale Miles

Sean and Matthew De Lima-Thiel

Nicole Langley



The time to learn from these powerful teacher is now – apply today!

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Yoga Alliance oversees yoga schools/teachers worldwide – –

Yoga Alliance oversees yoga schools/teachers worldwide – graduates with Yoga Alliance Certification are qualified to teach anywhere in the world –

  • Our teacher training provides the more than 180 required classroom hours in a professional yet friendly environment.
  • Unlimited drop-in class pass at Soul Hot Yoga for the entire duration of the program.
  • A blend of styles that respects the ancient traditions of yoga, while acknowledging modern-day influences on the practice.
  • We ensure our graduates have attended and completed all of Yoga Alliance’s 200 hr requirements – when you graduate from our program you can be proud knowing you’ve studied with one of the most compliant Yoga Alliance schools available!


Q.  I’m not able to do advanced yoga postures, such as sitting in Lotus or putting my foot behind my head, does that mean I’m not “good” enough at yoga to take this training?

A.  Gosh no! Our training is focused on helping you deepen your practice, prevent common injuries by knowing how to modify the practice for you. Our training isn’t about being able to touch your’s about what you discover about yourself on your way down!

Q.  I have zero interest in becoming a yoga teacher, will I still be expected to teach?

A.  At least 75% of our yoga teacher training graduates enrolled in our program simply to deepen their practice, they had no desire to teach. Throughout the training though you will be actively teaching – not so you can become a yoga teacher necessarily, but to help you develop more confidence in yourself and in your life!

Q.   April 2017 seems such a long ways off, why would I want to wait for Soul’s Vinyasa Flow training when there are other trainings being offered sooner elsewhere?

A.   With our exciting, and exclusive, new KEENER PROGRAM you can start training IMMEDIATELY with Jurgen, Nattacia and our dynamic Guest Teachers!

To answer your question more directly though, the soonest Jurgen and Nattacia are available to be in Calgary for the 5 month period required to lead this training is April 2017. But, we promise, they’re knowledge and expertise are well worth the wait!

Check out our “RAVE REVIEWS” page to hear from a few of our graduates and see why we chose to wait for Jurgen and Nattacia.

Q.   What if I need to miss a training day, how will it affect qualifying for my 200 hr Yoga Alliance certificate?

A.   We recognize you may need to miss a training day over the course of the program, which is why we have “cushioned” in 15 contact hours (basically 2 days of training). We, of course, encourage you to attend 100% of the training as each day is filled with such content and invaluable hands-on experience.

Q.   What if I miss 2 or more days of training?

A.   You will be required to make-up the number of missed classroom hours with equivalent teacher contact hours, such as a workshop or private class relating to the topic(s) missed. The fees for workshops and/or private classes are your responsibility.

Q.   Is the training held at Soul Hot Yoga or is it off-site?

A.   Trainings are held in one of the beautiful yoga studios above Soul’s Spin Studio (only a few doors down for the yoga studio), with the exception of the Health Day and some Anatomy trainings, which are held at Jurgen and Nattacia’s wellness home, less than a 10-minute drive from Soul Hot Yoga.

Q.   Is this a Hot Yoga Teacher Training?

A.   No, you will learn to skillfully teach a wide variety of classes and styles of yoga.

Q.   Is this an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training?

A.   No, although this training is steeped in the wisdom and efficiency of the Ashtanga Yoga System and it’s Principles of Alignment, and some Sanskrit terms (the ancient “language” of yoga), all of which serve nicely as a solid foundation for postures and class sequencing, you will not be taught to lead Ashtanga Primary Series classes.




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