Dealing with devastating health news

Getting a diagnosis can be devastating.  Yet the body’s natural tendency is always towards healing and increasing your wellbeing.  This may seem like a stretch at the beginning.  So how do we heal in spite of set-backs?

Set-backs unfortunately are a necessary part of life.  If we didn’t experience loss how would we come to appreciate what we have?  Without life’s lows would our highs even seem high at all?  Of course not, life would be a lot like driving through the prairies of Saskatchewan – and if you’ve never driven the prairies of Saskatchewan trust me when I tell you they are flat, flat, flat!  Downright boring actually…and certainly best driven with lively company to keep you awake until you arrive at your destination.

Well you could think of life’s set-backs as just that – lively company whose sole purpose is to wake you up in order to pay attention to the road you are travelling on…to appreciate what you have, what you need to learn or perhaps what others need to learn through you, what you are being called to do differently.

As Henry Ford famously said “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t – you’re right.”  But how do you change your beliefs, how do you regain hope and faith that the healing process can occur, especially when you’re feeling as though the world has been ripped out from under you? How do you regain peace of mind and a trusting spirit?

At Courage to be Healthy we understand that building a solid foundation of belief in your mind and igniting trust in your spirit is the starting point for all healing.

Courage to be Healthy teaches you how to move through set-backs by applying extremely effective tools in order to cope with these difficult times powerfully, peacefully and successfully.  These are by no means fluffy methods you’ll be learning – these methods are solid and have been proven to work time and time again by well respected medical and psychological professionals.

Nattacia, your Courageous Coach, helps you to not only conquer life’s set-backs but to embrace them and see them for what they are – your greatest teacher!