Welcome to Courage to be Healthy

Hello, my name is Nattacia Mantei, the founder of Courage to be Healthy™

My mission is to make certain that people who are facing a health crisis or health challenge don’t feel alone, abandoned, unloved, judged or left suffering, frightened and confused.


• Have you, or someone you love, received a frightening health diagnosis?
• Do you long to live to see your children graduate, get married and hold your beautiful grandchildren on your lap someday?
• Are you afraid if you have the surgery recommended you won’t feel like a whole woman or man ever again?
• It seems like you’ve just begun to really live your life and now you’re being asked to think about dying – far too young with way too many dreams undone!

What if you had the support of someone who could guide you to:

• Make decisions with clarity and confidence that feel absolutely right for you!
• Know what questions to ask your doctor and be able ask them with ease.
• Have someone who is your soft place to fall when you need it – yet is still that strong person you can lean on.
• Conquer the cause of your disease and make the necessary changes so it never comes back again.

If your heart and soul is screaming out “Yes, Yes, Yes” to even one of the above thoughts then you are in exactly the right place talking to exactly the right person!

Please take a couple of minutes to watch my welcome video above

I have a gift for you that is going to help you discover the quickest way to start moving through the health crisis or challenge you or a loved one is facing and help you get your legs back under you – a.s.a.p. – like yesterday!

I invite you to apply for a Health Clarity Call with me and together we’ll discover how you can get back in control of your choices, your health, happiness and above all else your life!

From this moment you’re no longer alone – I’m here for you – and like the song goes “Lean on me when you’re not strong, I’ll have the strength, I’ll help you carry on.”

Love and warm healing hugs,
Nattacia Mantei

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