Your bedroom could be the most dangerous room in your house?

Chances are you have deadly enemies lurking in your bedroom quietly killing you night after night as they emit their dangerous toxins while you sleep innocently unaware of the dangers surrounding you.

If you have a television, DVD player or other electronics in your bedroom then for sure you’re in danger. Even when they’re turned off they are still emitting dangerous and very depleting EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies)…quietly damaging your delicate immune system.

I can hear the cries and pleas now – “But I need to watch TV to fall asleep!”  “What, now she’s going to ask me to get rid of my TV?  I’m outta here!”  Wait!  Take a breath, calm down and if you are one of those who are still so deeply attached to watching TV in bed then at least unplug them when it’s time to go to sleep.

This applies to your computer as well. Put a timer on your internet connector so that your computer isn’t searching for a signal all night—bouncing EMF’s all around you in it’s quest to connect! Don’t just put it in sleep mode either – completely shut it down and power it off.

Move your clock radio off of your nightstand to somewhere clear across the room—which also makes it a lot more work to keep hitting that snooze button (it should be called the lose button anyway because of all the health benefits you lose as a result of using it).

You’re ideally going to spend at least 7 to 8 hours in your bedroom doing what it’s intended for—which is sleeping by the way! Why not make it the best healing sanctuary possible?

Why sleep is so important

Sleep is crucial for healing and repairing your body, brain, immune system and adrenal glands—be bathed in that knowledge and know that night after night you’re gradually undoing much of the damage you’re exposed to every day from those unavoidable EMF’s our modern lifestyle delivers.

Follow the recommendations above and you can rest peacefully knowing that you are sleeping well in order to be well.