Cravings sabotaging you? Take control back easily!

Cravings can get a hold of you and, if you’re not prepared to head them off at the pass, they can take you down! The Boy Scout motto of “Always be prepared” is perhaps some of the best advice you can follow.

Use these simple “Be prepared” tips to help get you back on track and keep you moving in the direction of your success:

1.   Brush your teeth. It’s amazing how this simple step can halt cravings.

2.   I’ve found that planning one day a week (I prefer a Sunday) to plan meals for the week gives me a much greater chance of eating healthy throughout the week. When healthy foods are easy to grab and go, or are prepared ahead of time I have fewer situations that run the risk of sabotaging my success.

  • Plan, plan, plan! Don’t leave the house without a goodie bag of;A high quality protein powder such as Vitality Green Smoothie™ or Vega™ in a smoothie shaker bottle (has a screen or ball in it to help make it nice and smooth). You can simply add the water whenever you feel hungry.
  • Fresh vegetables clean and cut up, ready for snacking. One of my favourites is celery sticks and carrot sticks.
  • A couple of stainless steel or glass bottles filled with filtered water.

3.   Add a pinch of high quality unrefined sea salt to each glass of drinking water or mix 1/8 tsp into a quart/litre of water (I prefer Celtic or Natures Cargo brands). This provides you with a wide variety of minerals, balances blood sugar and controls cravings. Drink a large glass of this water (with that pinch of sea salt in it) and wait 15 minutes before you allow yourself to give in to your cravings.

4.   If you’re craving something sweet try nibbling on baby carrots (the garden variety not the kind that are formed to look like baby carrots) before you dive into those chocolates or pastries.

5.   If you’re craving something salty try crunching down on celery. The natural saltiness is very satisfying, so is the crunch plus it works to balance out the acidity your body tends to be in when cravings set in.

6.   Find somewhere private (the restroom always works nicely) and do a quick round of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). For information on this technique please see Emotional Healing.

If you’ve tried every one of the above tips and still end up caving into your cravings please go easy on yourself. Do your best to feel great about the fact that you made the effort to control your cravings – you are anything but weak based on in that alone.

Most important of all, enjoy what it is you’re choosing to submit to (beating yourself up emotionally wreaks havoc on your digestive system) and then treat the next moment as a new opportunity, which it is, to get back on track and go for the success you’re seeking and deserve!