My skin fell in love today!

As you probably know, the skin is your largest organ but did you know that it is also one of the key ways your body detoxifies itself?

When the body is struggling to rid itself of toxins from the foods we eat, the products we use on our body and in our environment as well as other lifestyle choices (poor sleep, late nights, etc) the skin lets us know about it. We look in the mirror and notice acne, rashes or wrinkles staring back at us and we become much more motivated to take action to correct the evidence of our choices.

Detours in your health show up on your skin

My normally healthy lifestyle took a serious detour these past nine months as I devoted my focus to building this website. I put on five pounds, which is very unusal for me ever since we adopted more living foods and better health choices into our lifestyle. My skin took on a dull, lifeless appearance – which pretty much sums up how I began feeling overall.

I’ve recently begun re-incorporating delicious green smoothies and fresh living foods back into my diet. Knowing this will help bring about a gentle detoxification and undo some of the damage these past several months brought with them. I also recognized that it was time to give my skin (remember, it’s the body’s largest detoxifying organ) a little help with the job it was struggling to do for me and began my quest to find a good aesthetician for a deep cleansing facial treatment.

What to ask & what to expect

My first two questions before booking a facial are

  1. Does the aesthetician do extractions (gently removing blackheads and clogged oil/debree from pores)?
  2. Are the products used natural (even better if they’re organic) and are they available for purchase?

The answer to question number one should of course be “yes”. If not then you might as well exfoliate (using a gentle skin scrub to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin) and apply a facial mask at home and save yourself time and money.

The answer to the second question should also ideally be “yes”. Whatever you use on your skin your body absorbs and then has to deal with from there. This one is such a biggie to keep in mind when you’re applying your body wash, lotion, toothpaste, foot cream, perfumes of any kind and underarm deodorant (anti-persperants are best avoided altogether) – your liver has to process everything you put on your skin – everything!

As for my question of the products used being available for purchase, I view that as if you went to a dental hygenist and then never brushed or flossed your teeth again until your next visit. When it comes to every aspect of your health, home maintenance is the key to success.

If you absolutely, positively can’t afford a facial (my two hour treatment only cost $80.00 U.S. and was worth every penny) then do your best to invest in a good home care regime.

For your convenience

I have chosen products very carefully, and made them available through my Health Store, for your convenience. When you order from my Amazon store I’m paid a very small percentage of your order, which in turn helps support this site. I want you to know how much I appreciate you following the links on my Health Store and ordering products here at Courage to be Healthy™ that support your health and your healing.

If you’re interested in visiting the amazing aesthetician I had my treatment with you can find Audrey at Spiritude in Mesa, Arizona. The product line she uses in her clinic is Eminence™. Please visit my Health Store if you’d like to shop for Eminence™ products online.