5 Year old deals with a crisis

This 5 year old girl deals with her father having a heart attack in the most precious way. Listening to her speak to the EMS dispatcher is adorable, and the dispatcher is remarkable as well.

Why I don’t like to slam the medical profession

There is an epidemic of people not knowing how to, or simply haven’t bothered up until a crisis, to take the time to prevent disease. However I often hear people in the natural/alternative healing arena slamming the medical profession as a whole, forgetting that you’d be wise to be grateful for our level of emergency care in North America. If I’m in an accident, heaven forbid, I certainly don’t want someone handing me a vitamin pill or a green smoothie, do you?

If you are in an accident or clutching your chest from the pain of a heart attack, and are lucky enough to survive, chances are you’ll survive because of medical help. Of course you’d be completely stunned if the doctor reset your arm or leg, stitched you up and then suggested a vaccine to prevent another accident – wouldn’t you? Hmm, that might be just the ticket to lower the stress of just such a situation – a good old belly laugh over such a ridiculous thought!

Off course we don’t dial 911 once we’re diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or cancer but sometimes we do act in haste before giving the body a chance to heal itself. We throw poisons at our cells rather than eliminate the poisons that lead to the disease in the first place. It’s a process I call “Cut it out, burn it out or numb it out.” None of which is dealing with the actual cause though is it?

Prevent, prevent, prevent serves well as a motto to live by. If you’re too late to prevent then discover what caused the disease to find its home in your body and how you can effectively remove the causes.

So far, so good

As you’ll see, this little girl loves the expression “so far, so good” and uses it often. My hope is that now that her father is on the road to recovery he uses preventative techniques and doesn’t fall into the trap of believing that just because he feels good that it means everything is “so far, so good”.
I sincerely pray that he takes the measures necessary to heal his heart, and his entire body, naturally in order to prevent his little girl from ever having to go through this sort of ordeal again.

Spare your family

Enjoy this sweet story and then do whatever you have to (naturally) in order to spare your family from ever having to find out if they would responds as well as this 5 year old did.

Click HERE to watch this adorable video.