Doctor reveals best cure for all diseases

This interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman will amaze you and excite you, especially if you’re dealing with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Check out the Raw for 30 Days DVD to discover how you can heal your body naturally and quickly at Raw for 30 Days.

The following is an email I received today from Nick Ortner, brother of Alex Ortner, the producer of Raw for 30 Days’ DVD:

I want to share some startling information about
medical doctors and before people get upset about
what I’m going to say in the rest of the email, let me
just make one thing clear. 🙂

I believe most medical doctors, at heart, are kind,
and well-meaning people, who have worked very
hard to educate themselves in an attempt to help

Let me also say that in a pinch, such as a medical
emergency, there is nothing better than western
allopathic medicine to keep you alive!

There are however some issues though that I think
you should know about…

Prescription drugs, vaccines, needless surgeries
and more are the norm in this day and age,
and I’ve seen SO many people negatively affected
(including myself with years of allergy medication
that caused me more harm than good).

Modern medicine tends to be more about sick
care than health care.

The good news is that there are some amazing
doctors out there, leading the charge in getting
people truly healthy.

And the results they’re seeing are ASTONISHING.

I highly recommend you to watch this video with Dr.
Joel Fuhrman to hear about how to truly be healthy.
In this video Dr. Fuhrman will share with you specific
details on what you can do to ensure that you never
get sick again.

And if you’re currently sick he’ll tell you what to do
to get well (and give you some amazing examples of
clients he’s helped that USED to have diseases like
heart disease, diabetes and lupus before they saw him.)

Make sure to leave your comments about the
video, and if you missed the previous video
with Morgan Spurlock (from Supersize Me)
watch that one too!

The first video with Morgan Spurlock has had over
1,000 comments on the blog. People were amazed
by what he shared.

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