What in the World Are They Spraying?

Perhaps I prefer to believe too much in people’s innate desire to be and do good. Could there actually be people working behind the scenes in a cloak and dagger style who really believe tricking the planet and its people is good?

For years I’ve been hearing, like many of you, that “they” are spraying “stuff” across our atmosphere – referred to as Chemtrails. I honestly didn’t want to believe it but this movie What in the World Are They Spraying? has burst my bubble of naivety.

Why would “they” want to harm us?

Its been over 30 years since I’ve been naïve around the power of the pharmaceutical industry. Hasn’t there been some good done by the Big Pharma industry over the years – absolutely – emergency care saves thousands of lives. Why then would “they” work so hard to save us in one instance only to end up injecting us and spraying us with toxins that devastate our health with unprecedented levels of cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADD, Autism, etc.

How do they sleep at night?

To think that there are powers out there – powers being PEOPLE who have family and loved ones just like you and me – who have found new and terrifying methods to fill our air and our environment with extremely toxic aluminum (umm, did I already mention Alzheimer’s) and barium – it’s beyond sadness and frustration that I feel over the possibility that this is the indeed the case.

I often wonder how people who act on behalf of money rather than on behalf of human kind and the health of this planet are able to sleep at night. But then I also ask myself, and maybe you can help answer this for me, how we all fell asleep so deeply that we’ve actually built naive beliefs like this. The belief that the very people who represent us always want what’s best for us! As one young girl says in this amazing movie “We need to wake up because it’s going to get worse if we don’t.”

Just shut up and eat your Genetically Modified Foods!

Is this all just a plan by Monsanto to control our food sources? Is there a power so strong and devious that it takes pleasure in controlling our food’s growth in such a way that only genetically modified seeds will be capable of growing in the soil left behind after exposure to the fallout of these chemtrails?

It’s time to stop just looking AT these situations and start looking INTO them.

I applaud the courage the producers of this documentary demonstrated in order to reveal this information to us – they have taken risks and asked questions many of us would never dare to do.

What to do, what to do?

As I hope you know by now, Courage to be Healthy™ is about solutions – I’m not interested in only bringing conspiracy theories and the “problem” without offering at least one or two ways you can correct the situation for yourself and your loved ones. So here are three ways you can protect yourself and help others do the same:

1. Continue to purchase organic foods (even though I realize it’s no longer perfect food it’s better than falling into the trap of genetically modified greed)
2. Take iodine – iodine is also critical for many other basic physical functions, including the body’s detoxification process from the negative effects of environmental and radiation pollution.
3. Share this information with others PLEASE! Ninety percent of the people have no idea that this is going on and the only way to take control back over our, and this planet’s health is to have the courage to educate others and let them know how they can protect themselves.

For every step up the ladder of knowledge that you take please remember to reach back and bring others with you. “Learn as if you are going to live forever – teach as if you knew you were going to die tomorrow!”

With so much love and gratitude for your loving support,