Can you actually cure diabetes with chocolate?

This week I received my cell phone bill, which I quickly reviewed (not that I can ever really make sense of the charges anyway though).  Just as I was about to put the envelope and promotional insert into the recycle bin I decided to take a peek at what sort of offerings were being promoted this month.

I read the first of the three “perks” on the page and couldn’t help but shake my head in wonderment. Yet another “walk to find the cure”, this time for diabetes. Have they not heard or seen the amazing documentary “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days” in which people successfully reversed their diabetes and reduced or eliminated their need for medication – even those with juvenile (type 1) diabetes – in just 30 days!

I firmly believe a cure for nearly every disease already exists (I say “nearly” only because there may be one or two diseases out there that are so mutated that the human body has no idea how to cope with the ravages placed upon it). In fact you don’t actually have to walk far to find it, just to your kitchen really. Take a little look-see in your fridge and your pantry and see how much fresh green living food is staring back at you (and I don’t mean pickles or green Jell-O).

I do want to clarify something right now. People often think that in order to eat green you are forced to live on salads and eat “rabbit food”. That’s simply not the case. In fact I’ve moved away from promoting the 100% raw food vegan diet which seems to be the latest craze. My research and experience has shown me that for many of us there are some serious health repercussions after a period of time. Most of us, due to our processed food diets, no longer have the gut health to digest, and therefore utilize, the nutrients and enzymes of raw food. That being said though – we do need to eat more greens, a lot more greens!

Getting back to my “perks” page though (I promise, I’ll reveal what I have found works to bring about healing and health in upcoming posts – for now I want to stay on track with the irony of what comes next). Immediately below the “walk to cure diabetes” was an offer to receive 6 FREE chocolate bars when you spend $24.95 or more on…you guessed it…chocolate! You know what I call that? I call that a clll-uuue! Surely we all know that sugar consumption leads to diabetes.

The final offering was for a shoe company. Now wouldn’t it have made more sense to put the shoe deal on the top of the page? That way you could save 15% on shoes which you could then wear to walk to get your “6 FREE chocolate bars” and then you’d have several sugary snacks to enjoy during your “walk to find a cure for diabetes”. Good grief, it all makes one want to burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all – or scream?!!?

How about we all get back to using some common sense when it comes to our health. We’re seriously, as one health heroine I know says, “digging our graves with our forks”! Success does indeed leave clues and so does Mother Nature. She pretty much hosed down this planet with green, providing us with a bountiful buffet of live nutritious food. That of course was what we healthily ate before we figured out how to extract all the goodness from a plant by processing the life out of it.

Okay, so let’s try this shall we – every day ADD in one more serving of green vegetables (lightly steamed if raw doesn’t sit well in your gut, we can work to improve your digestion soon don’t worry) and then REMOVE one serving of processed food from your diet. If you’re really ready to feel better and indeed prevent sugar related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, adrenal fatigue (burnout), etc. then remove one serving of sugar as well (become a label-reader and you’ll be shocked at how much sugar you’re innocently gobbling down every day). Do this one little trick for 7 days and I know you’ll be amazed by the amount of energy, clarity and joy you feel. Vibrant health really can be yours that fast!

You know in your gut (which by the way is your “second brain” and is directly linked to your lungs, your brain, your heart, etc.) that this makes good sense so why not give it a go? I’d love to hear your success stories so please email me at:

Meanwhile walk into your kitchen and find the cure for everything that ails you!

With crazy amounts of love and gratitude for you,