Scientists Admit — Sun Exposure Benefits Outweigh Risks

The research in the following article found on Dr. Mercola’s site may be reason enough to take a winter vacation somewhere sunny and warm (it also helps you find a solution if travel isn’t possible)…especially if you’re trying to positively influence conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer

Moderate sun exposure offers more health benefits than risks, particularly for people who are deficient in vitamin D or who live in colder, northern latitudes, according to U.S. and Norwegian researchers.

The study found that vitamin D levels, which were calculated based on sun exposure, were linked to survival rates for cancer patients. Those who lived in sunnier, southern latitudes, and had higher vitamin D levels, were less likely to die from cancer than people in northern latitudes.

The researchers analyzed the amount of vitamin D generated by sun exposure at different latitudes, and cross-referenced it with data of cancer incidence and survival rates for people living in varying locations.

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

Unfortunately public health officials and most physicians in the US are seriously confused about sun exposure, which they have long heralded as taboo. Their misguided advice may very well be responsible for over 600,000 cases of cancer that could have been prevented.

How could they have been prevented?

As this excellent study suggests, by getting more appropriate sun exposure, which triggers your body to produce the extremely healthy “sunshine vitamin” — vitamin D.

Receptors that respond to vitamin D have been found in almost every cell in your body, from your brain to your bones. And optimizing your vitamin D levels — the best way to do this is through safe sun exposure — could help you to prevent as many as 16 different types of cancer including pancreatic, lung, breast, ovarian, prostate, and colon cancers.

Vitamin D does not just impact your cancer risk slightly. It can cut your risk by as much as 60 percent!

If this alone doesn’t convince you of the importance of getting sunlight on your skin, consider that studies show that increasing levels of vitamin D3 could prevent diseases that claim nearly 1 million lives throughout the world each year!

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