Sweat your way to radiant health

Have you ever wondered why you run a fever when you’re sick or fighting off something?  It’s actually the magical design of the human body; burning off toxins that have entered your body and threaten your survival.

Because of the level of pollution we are exposed to and its many sources, as well as our poor dietary and exercise habits, the therapeutic value of regular sweating has become immense.

The problem lies in getting sufficient exercise or being able to tolerate the heat of a traditional sauna or steam room to burn off toxins efficiently.  One solution to this problem comes in the form of the passive, yet remarkable, benefits of the far infrared sauna!

Conventional saunas rely on heating the air around you in order to heat the skin, which it does only superficially.  Many individuals, especially those with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or multiple chemical sensitivities find this intense heat very oppressive.  Many people also feel claustrophobic in these devices and find it hard to breath.

Far infrared energy on the other hand penetrates the body’s tissues at a depth of over 1 ½ inches.  Less than 20% of the infrared energy heats the air, leaving over 80% available to be directly converted to heat within our body while the air temperature remains comfortable and pleasant.  I’ve yet to find a far infrared sauna that doesn’t have at least one window, as well as a glass door, solving the issue of claustrophobia.

Other benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna

Some of the other benefits of using a far infrared sauna include:

  • Toxic metals, including mercury, and organic toxins such as PCB’s and pesticide residues are excreted in high quantities.  Ideal for those who can’t tolerate chelation treatments.
  • Safe for those concerned with cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Stimulates increased blood circulation.
  • Relaxation and enjoyment: Remove stress in comfortable warmth.
  • Pain relief from arthritis, back pain, spasms, headache, etc.
  • Outstanding caloric consumption and weight control.
  • Passive cardiovascular conditioning effect.
  • Firm and improved skin tone and elasticity.
  • Detoxifies and cleans body of accumulated toxins, the root cause of excessive body odor.

How often and for how long?

Saunas are normally taken two to five times per week depending on the individual’s condition.  After allowing the infrared sauna to preheat for 10 minutes, it’s normally best to begin with 20 minutes and work up to about 45 minutes per session as you tolerate the treatment.

How to increase the benefits.

The far infrared sauna forms a key part of a comprehensive detoxification program.  The detoxifying effects of this therapy can be greatly increased if it is done along with healthy dietary changes, exercise, nutrient supplements, herbal agents and other gentle detoxification methods Courage to be Healthy™ can help you introduce into your health routine based on your whole person and particular health stresses.

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