Catfight leads to an inspiring connection.

It started off ugly

I confess, it all started as a hair pulling, claws barred fight between my web creator, Sabine Messner, and me, as she did her best to convince me to join Facebook. Hey, I had very valid reasons for my resistance. To say the least, having a bit of a whack job of an ex-husband didn’t help me drop my desire to stay under-the-radar.

But after using the best blocks (Facebook blocks, not “fists held high” boxing blocks – okay, there might have been a few of those too), I finally surrendered to her wisdom of using social media as a way to get my blessing, my life’s work, out to more people – to fulfill my mission of making certain that people aren’t left abandoned, alone, frightened and confused when facing a devastating health diagnosis such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lou Gehrig’s, AIDs and the list, unfortunately, goes on and on.

I’ve just met the most amazing man!

Well it’s true what they say, Facebook connects you to the most amazing people and, now that the missing patches of hair have grown back in and the traces of claw marks have all but disappeared (yes, Sabine is fortunately recovering well too), I can now thank her for connecting me to the most amazing and inspirational man – next to the love of my life, my husband Jurgen, that is.

Crippling change in the blink of an eye

In May 2006 Michael Coss was in a devastating car crash while travelling in British Columbia, Canada with his wife Ann and their twins. His wife and daughter Danielle escaped with only minor injuries, while his son Nathan spent several weeks in hospital.

Michael however was much less fortunate. The greatest extent of his injuries were to his brain, leaving him in a coma for 6 months. His recovery to this point has been nothing shy of a miracle – a demonstration of sheer will, determination and love for, and from, his entire family, friends, co-workers and supportive community.

“3 Secrets” gift holds the key to Miracles for you

Michael is the finest example of some of those secrets I shared with you in your “3 Secrets” gift you received as a thank you for becoming part of my web-family.

Sometimes we have to literally fight, scratch and crawl our way back to the surface when we’re drowning in a crisis (or, yes, being convinced to join Facebook) – let Michael’s story be a reminder that miracles do occur – but they don’t come to us while we sit flicking the remote control and munching on bonbons. Miracles come disguised as loved ones, healers (medical and alternative), physical therapists and even, yes I have to say it, kick butt health coaches in 3” high heels (that’d be moi I’m talk’n about) – but then they wouldn’t be called miracles if it were easy now would they?

Laugh, cry and be inspired!

No matter where you are on your health journey; be it prevention, dealing with a moderate health concern or in the throws of a healing crisis, Michael’s courage, joy, love of family and his message to all is sure to inspire you.

I’ve added Michael’s book  “The Courage to Come Back” to my Amazon “Recommended” list and below is a video clip of his “Sit Down Comedy” bit on the stage at Stand Up For Mental Health event in 2009.

“Michael Coss is nothing short of awesome! He may have brain damage but it’s clear that he’s incredibly smart. His material is witty, his timing good. The fact that he’s sometimes hard to understand is unimportant considering his performance.”

I’ll hush up now and let Michael speak for himself. Enjoy!

Wishing you much love, happiness & courage,
Nattacia Mantei (aka Ms. Health on Heels)


  1. Sabine Messner

    When I first saw your blog post title in my inbox I thought—heh?!, what in the world is she up to now, my dear beloved soul sister friend Nattacia?? “Catfight leads to an inspiring connection.” ?! Last time I checked she was a Courageous Health Crisis Coach, now she’s getting into animal connections? Thoroughly confused, intrigued and on a mission to find out what’s going on, I found myself reading your most hilarious blog post and laughing out load!

    It’s true! When it came to your Facebook presence, I didn’t give you any escape options whatsoever. In fact, I even populated your Facebook profile over night! You had no choice but to claim your kitty cat territory! The funny thing though was within a mere week you unexpectedly took off like a rocket ship! I remember you attended a raw food event that weekend and posted photos on your profile, and the rest is history!

    I’m so glad you’re “out there” now and connecting with like-minded people and movers & shakers, such as a Michael Coss. Your health coaching approach is totally unique and much needed in the world.

    Leslie and I will forever be grateful for the Courageous Health Coaching influence you have on our lives.

    With love and devotion to your beautiful cause,


  2. Sabine Messner

    Oh, and did I tell you recently that you’re not only the best health ambassador I know but a prolific writer? WOW, peeps! Stay tuned for Nattacia’s upcoming book, I’m telling yah! 😉