Extremely Urgent if you, or someone you know, is dealing with cancer!

This is extremely urgent if you’re dealing with cancer, or know someone who is!

I had another blog post all ready to go out this week but then I received the following from a colleague, Paul Nison, who I very much respect and admire. This is such urgent information that I decided to put everything on hold and get this out to you immediately!

Dr. Burzynski is saving people from one of the most difficult cancers to treat – brain cancer! Yet time and again he has faced fight after fight to keep doing what he’s doing – healing people who are facing certain death diagnosis of medically impossible-to-cure cancers.

Paul Nison’s words

“Last night I saw one of the most shocking films I’ve ever seen. The title was Burzynski: The Movie. It was about the story of a doctor named Stanislawa Burzynski and how he won the largest and most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the FDA in American History.

The real shocking factor to me was that this doctor has a way to help cancer patients overcome cancer. Here’s the kicker: with no or very little toxic effects. However, because the big shots making money off of the biggest money making scam in history, modern cancer treatment, the FDA won’t allow it.

In the film, they showed several people who were told they were going to die within a few years and needed to take chemotherapy to save their life. Some of the stories on the film will make you cry, but it’s important to see and hear the truth.

The great news is that there is a more natural healing method for treating cancer. The bad news is Burzynski cannot get a grant, so there is not enough funds to help him perfect his work. Even with lack of funding, the success rates far out weigh any other method of helping people with cancer, and with no major painful effects to experience, that is great hope.”

Get this movie in the hands of:

Anyone out there dealing with cancer, or knows someone who is, please get this film in their hands.”


You can also visit the Raw Life store link on my website where Paul is selling it for only $8.95.