The Top 10 Really Raw SUPER foods

This week’s Courage to be Healthy™ blog is by special guest Paul Nison

The Top 10 Really Raw Super Foods

What makes a superfood a super food? The raw food world promoters sure have their unique ideas. The problem is most so-called superfoods are really not even healthy for us.

My understanding of a superfood or super anything is something that not only will make us feel super but is also super for our health.

One cannot consider a food super healthy if it is not raw, ripe, fresh and organic. I determined my top ten list of the best super foods by considering how raw, ripe, fresh and organic each food was.

It is quite easy to find foods today raw and organic but ripe and fresh can be more difficult. There are also many different varieties of certain foods and other factors that influence the final product that you find.

The real superfoods are nature’s finest gifts of fresh produce. Unique produce that is not easy to find is even more excellent because it helps your body get nutrients that are not readily available.

I’ve been involved with the raw food lifestyle for more than 15 years and have interviewed hundreds of people. From my experience, here is a list of my favorite raw foods that I feel are essential for those looking to have the best health possible. (They are in no specific order)

1. Aloe Vera

Please see this week’s featured interview to learn why I have decided to add aloe vera gel to my diet every day. All aloe is not the same, so check out the one I know is the best available if you can’t grow it yourself.

2. Wheatgrass

Dr. Ann Wigmore was right when she taught about the amazing healing properties of wheatgrass juice. Now science has confirmed the amazing benefits of this high-chlorophyll grass.

3. E-3 Live Algae

My experience and the testimonials from many of the leaders in raw circles confirm what double blind studies now reveal about this amazing superfood. This is one of the best foods to maintain health, vitality and also fight disease.

4. Sunflower Sprouts

At the famous Hippocrates Health Institute, besides wheatgrass, the # 1 important food they have in either whole form or juice every single day is sunflower sprouts. This is after 50 years of experimenting and reviewing blood tests from their guests healing from diseases and cancer. Considering cost and taste, sunflower seeds would be at the top of the list for most practical superfoods to take long term.

5. Hemp Seeds

The hemp seed is the world’s most nutritious seed — a rich source of omega-3, GLA, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and protein. Because of the high amount of protein, good fats and chlorophyll, I would say hemp seeds are an essential food for people who want to be on a raw vegan diet.

6. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are packed with fiber, protein, minerals, omega-3, and antioxidents. They are also one of the best foods to make a variety of raw foods with. Chia seeds continue to be a best selling item on many of the raw food websites for a good reason. These little seeds are loaded with nutrients.

7. Flax Seeds

The original super food! People have been taking Flax seeds for years as an excellent fiber source. But it’s now known that flax seeds are more than 1/3 oil and they are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids that provide preventative and restorative abilities to your diet.

8. Sea Vegetable

When I wrote my first book, The Raw Life, I asked each long-time raw foodist, if you can choose just one food as the most complete source of nutrients, most answered sea vegetables. They also mentioned that people didn’t consume them enough. Today, sea vegetables are more widely known. Some popular types are dulse, nori, and wakame. The taste will take your salad to the next level. So delicious!

9. Spirulina & Chlorella

Where do we get our b-12 on a raw vegan diet? Most raw teachers will say the best source is sea algae. The most popular are spirulina and chlorella. These 2 are similar forms of algae but different enough that a person can benefit from taking both.

Spirulina contains more beta-carotene than any other whole food. Beta-carotene determines how our cells communicate with one another. “Beta carotene opens the membrane communication channels of cancerous and pre-cancerous cells, allowing the body to signal the cancerous cells to stop dividing.

Chlorella contains a host of health building nutrients. In addition to chlorophyll it contains vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) and other substances. Under the favorable growth conditions of strong sunlight, pure water and clean air, Chlorella multiplies at an incredible rate, the complete reproduction cycle taking less than 24 hours.

10. Coconut

Personally, coconut is my favorite superfood and I can most likely live on them for a very long time. Loaded with good fats and delicious, the coconut pulp, meat, cream, oil, and water are all excellent for maintaining and restoring health.

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  1. Mihaela

    Thanks for posting this, it’s very helpful. I don’ t eat a lot of raw food, but I would like to!
    I miss your yoga classes. Too bad you only have them so far in the South!