Homeless but Still Hopeful

Homeless versus Hopeless

Upon arriving in Arizona during a recent trip there my husband Jurgen and I made our usual first stop at Whole Foods® for the fresh organic food we would need. We decided to sit, relax and enjoy something to eat from their yummy salad bar.

As I went to secure a table in their small eating area I noticed what was clearly a homeless woman sitting and eating. Everything she appeared to own was strapped on a make-shift trolley, her skin was deeply etched by the dirt she was caked in. I chose a table a few back from her and proceeded to watch her in absolute fascination.

I sat in awe

What immediately awed me was that even though she was filthy dirty from what must be such a hard-knock-life on the streets she wore plastic gloves on her hands in an attempt to avoid the dirt on her hands from entering her mouth via her food.

As I watched her in amazement what had begun as fascination on my part quickly turned to admiration. Here was a woman who, it seems, used what little money she had to buy a big tub of plain yogurt, a package of kale, a few tomatoes, avocados and a large bottle of water.

I’m not sure who I admire more

My wonderment shifted between her and this particular Whole Foods® store. Even if she had bought the food herself, which I’m certain she did or Whole Foods would pretty quickly have a line wrapping around the block of hungry homeless people, I felt warmth in my heart for the humanity that this store was demonstrating. Most stores would shoo this woman away from their doors, never allowing her to enter in the first place, under the assumption that she just wanted to use the restroom or panhandle from their customers.

Suddenly, like an awakening, I gazed at this woman and realized she was demonstrating the truest measure of hope! This woman apparently doesn’t tell herself “I can’t afford to eat healthy, never mind organic.” and then heads to a fast food restaurant thinking their $1.99 ‘meal-deal’ is actually a deal.

Wise investing even when homeless

Here was a woman who; somewhere deep inside, is so hopeful about her future that she chooses organic, healthy food in the hopes of perhaps living long enough to see her way off of the streets! She uses her $1.99 to invest in fulfilling and nutritious foods, not simply short-term satisfaction.

Live inspired – live in a state of hope!

Let’s take a page from this woman’s book shall we and live in a state of hope and, what the heck, let’s add to that a good dose of gratitude for the tremendous blessings we have in our lives. Let’s face it, if you’re sitting in front of a computer able to read this chances are you’re not living on the streets and for that alone you, and I, indeed have much to be grateful for!

With love and warm hugs,