Imagine this!

A demonstration of courage

Do you ever wonder just what it takes when I say “Courage” to be Healthy. This video says it so well that it has left me speechless (well almost speechless)…and yes, so touched by it’s truth that I’m in tears!”

Every one of us has within us what this young man possesses. His story is the perfect demonstration of courage only needing a loving caress to reveal the strength, clarity and commitment we hold within. One way you could “caress” the courage you possess is to write a list of at least 5 accomplishments you’ve made in your life that a lot of other people would never have done. They don’t have to be dramatic events like jumping out of an airplane (although if that’s on your list good-on-ya) they’re simply things you know took some inner strength for you to do, such as:

  1. Moved to a strange city for a business or relationship opportunity (even if it didn’t work out to be your dream job or dream lover – a lot of people would have stayed put).
  2. Left an abusive or unhappy relationship.
  3. Had the courage to love again after leaving above-said relationship ;-).
  4. Got into a swimming pool, ocean or lake and learned to swim (just because we “can” swim doesn’t mean it comes easily or naturally to us – it takes courage to get in that water).
  5. Did a “presentation” in front of one or more people about your work or community, etc.

See what I mean about how brave you are? What did I tell ya? That’s exactly why I believe so strongly in you, I know you have more courage and determination to have the kind of life you really want but too often don’t give yourself credit for those “small things” (psst…it takes guts to do the things you’ve done, don’t kid yourself!).

I’m in awe

On a daily basis I’m in awe of my clients, so much so that it often brings tears to my eyes because of the courage they demonstrate yet usually don’t even recognize exists within them.  After shining a light on their bravery and commitment to better health I get to witness the transformation that occurs when they recognize the small steps they’re now taking every day, the ones they think are “No big deal” are not only a big deal, they’re life changing.

Have you ever seen someone paralyzed by fear and doubt? You know what they’re doing? Noth’n, nadda, zip! They stand there frozen to the spot. Well that’s not you. You’re here, you’re researching and discovering how to get the health you deserve and the life you desire and to that I say “Look at you go, you brave, courageous, magnificent you!”

Sure, not many of us have had to endure what the young fellow in this video did in order to demonstrate our own level of courage (whew, and thank goodness for that) but as you watch this and your heart swells in amazement and as you cheer him on know that it’s the hero within you that is recognizing itself as having that same courage. You can’t very well be touched by something you’ve never experienced now can you.

Oh, and one more final “Psst”

I really believe that often the tune we’re here to sing is the one that is written with the notes of challenges we’ve overcome. I know I sure feel like I’m singing the song I’m here to sing when I get to reach back and help others avoid hitting those “sour” notes that I hit along our journey towards vibrant health. I tell you this simply because my heart is so filled with gratitude because after all – what we do for ourselves dies within us, but what we do for others lives on.

Watch and be inspired!

Yours in health and vitality,
Nattacia Mantei
“The Goddess of a Great Night’s Sleep”