Love your liver – tips & tricks for damage control.

New Years Eve (or anytime) Damage Control.

Okay, first of all, nothing works like an ounce of prevention, but even one or two glasses of champagne, or whatever libation you choose to ring in the New Year with, is enough to tax your liver, and your level of liveliness.

Here are 5 simple tips/tricks I* use to not only help my* liver out but also help me feel I’ve got vrrroooomm in my engine still come morning (Why is it our engine feels like it’s a sports car when we’re partying but overnight somehow becomes an old beater, clunk’n and sputter’n along?)

*This isn’t “all about me”  but since I’m not a medical professional (I’m simply someone who’s done my homework on what it takes to be healthy in today’s world) I’m not (wink, wink) recommending you follow my protocol.

These handy little tips and tricks are what my husband and I will be doing to love our liver…especially since we’re teaching a New Years Day Detox Yoga class (you can find out more about that by visiting Soul Hot Yoga Calgary’s website and need to be a shining example of recovery by noon on New Years Day.

Just like the New Years Eve countdown we’re going to take these tips and tricks from 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 so here we go:

5. Before heading out for the evening take plenty of digestive enzymes and probiotics. Look for ingredients such as:

  • Digestive enzymes – Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Maltase, Lactase (basically think about teasing and tazering the toxins and slow-to-digest gung out of the liver.
  • Probiotics – Acidophilus, L. Rhamnosus, Salivarius, B. Lactis, B. Bifidum.

4. Take a Mushroom Formula (found to relieve stomach ailments such as gallstones, ulcers – which alcohol and rich food really plays havoc on. Mushroom complexes also help stabilize blood sugar, nerve regeneration, increased athletic ability and sexual function (yippee, gotta love that), as well as improve overall mood.

  • Look for these magical fungi in the list of ingredients:  Shitake, Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, Turkey Tail

3. Greens from algae or grass blends. You can never have too many greens and one of the easiest ways to get them into your system is with a greens powder or capsules. This is probably my favorite way to sweep up toxins and heavy metals in the body so I’ll not only take this before I head out but I’ll also take more before I head to bed.

2. Zeolite rates right up there with the greens in my book. I’ll be taking a couple before I head out the door and again when I get home from our evening festivities.

1. Let the bells ring and the banners fly for this Liver Lover…

…Milk Thistle Extract!

If we take only one thing to support healthy liver function this is the one.  This extract has been used to treat alcoholic cirrhosis along with drug and alcohol-induced liver damage. I prefer simply taking capsules but if I’m able (meaning if I’m not dead-ass exhausted and just want to get to bed a.s.a.p.)  I’ll have a cup of Milk Thistle tea before bedtime.

Please remember to keep in mind any allergies you might have when you’re choosing herbal supplements – personally I can’t do chamomile tea – it tends to trigger a tiny bit of asthma in me. Also, when you’re shopping for supplements always do your best to get the finest quality you can within your budget and talk to the staff in the supplement department of your health food store if you have any allergies or health concerns.

Real-life – Real-world Health!

Have a safe and fabulous New Years Eve and I’ll see you 2012 when I have some very exciting things planned for you. My focus will be on teaching you how to create vibrant health in today’s world while still living life – Real Life – Real-world Health!

Spread love, hugs and sunshine wherever you go,

Nattacia Mantei

Founder of Courage to be