Now I’ve gone and done it!

Caught a miserable cold that is.

My husband, Jurgen, came down with a horrific cold the day before New Years Eve. The next day we were scheduled to teach a Detox Yoga class together on New Years day, followed by a Hot Vinyasa flow class. He was clearly in no shape to teach so I stepped up and taught these classes, yup, right after an evening of partying and celebrating the arrival of 2012. From there I wore myself down even further by teaching all of his classes plus my own over the next several days.

Now I know better than to demand that extra output from myself without supplementing my immune system and taking extra special care to get the rest and sleep I need but…being human and all…I powered through it without taking the precautions and actions I’m now called to take, you know, since I managed to join him in the sniffling, sneezing and aching routine that comes with catching a “kode in my node”.

10 natural things I’m doing to heal myself quickly that you can do too!

I decided this is a great opportunity to share with you what my healing ritual is right now so that you can be prepared the next time the cold…oh geesh, just gimme a second…aaahhhhchooo…yuck…or flu bug is making its rounds in your neck of the woods.

1. Begin the day with a nice big drink of clean water (never drink tap water or chlorinated water – in case you don’t know why – it kills all your friendly gut bacteria as it goes after the bad bugs too).

2. Make a nice cup of organic green tea or my favorite immune boosting tea, Spring Dragon tea. If you’re not dealing with candida overgrowth you can add raw honey to it for some extra healing qualities.

3. Have a Far Infrared Sauna for at least 30 minutes and be sure to launder the towels after. (Having one of these in your home is, I believe, more important than owning a dishwasher so consider investing in one for the most effective detoxifying option out there. In this case it creates an artificial fever and helps the body to sweat out the bugs).

Immediately following the sauna have either or both of the following:

4. Soak in a warm bath with lots of Epsom salts mixed in – I use at least 1 cup of water to a half a regular sized tub of water (again avoid chlorinated water so if you can install a whole-home filtration system that’s ideal for your health on a daily basis).

5. Shower – my favorite thing, because of the immediate detox it provides, is to step into the shower stall and then turn the water on. Yes, at first you’ll get a shot of cold water until it warms up but wow, what that does for you is so amazing.

When that cold water hits your body your organs respond by squishing out toxins out of sheer panic that the body’s in trouble (which it is actually). I then end the shower by turning the water temperature back to as cold as possible and let it hit my head, kidneys (mid/low back) and all over.

Psst…I swear this is my secret weapon so please don’t dismiss it too quickly, the healing power of this one trick is incredible.

6. Do a coffee enema. I know, just when you thought I’d completely lost my mind by suggesting the cold shower now I’m recommending a coffee enema!!!??!!!

I used to be afraid to offer up this suggestion to anyone other than my “seasoned” clients, those who have worked with me and trust me implicitly, but the health benefits of coffee enemas are so profound that I can’t “not” tell you about it.

It takes the burden off the liver, which is working overtime whenever you’re in heal and repair mode, as well as, almost 100% of the time, eliminates the aches and pains associated with a body in distress and dis-ease.

7. Sleep, rest, repeat! Time and again I see it, people who are dealing with health challenges, whether they’re mild or severe, are nearly always struggling with poor quality sleep. Your body requires 8 to 10 hours of good quality, restorative sleep in order to have strong defenses in today’s world.

If sleep is something that tends to elude you check out my past blog post Top 7 Ways to get a Great Night’s Sleep.

8. Keep it light in the way of food choices. Enjoy plenty of organic, free range, chicken or turkey soup or broths. I like to sauté up some extra onion and garlic and throw that in my soup.

9. Gentle exercise outdoors. Getting some fresh air always does the body good so going for a walk, no matter how short or how gentle, helps to (as my mother used to say) really blow some of the stink off of you. This is not the time to participate in a vigorous workout though, your immune system needs all its energy for repair and recovery so please go easy.

10. Avoid sugar! Woof, sugar gives your immune system such a wallop that even if you only implemented this one tip and eliminated sugar you’d be miles ahead on reviving your sputtering immune system (other than a little raw honey which actually helps soothe and repair – unless you’re diabetic of course, in which case avoid this sweetener as well). Speaking of sweeteners, absolutely, positively avoid artificial sweeteners at ALL costs – they potentially create a whole host of issues that make them a downright horrible choice.

Supplements that I find very helpful are:

(In order to help you find the supplements I refer to below I’ve highlighted and linked those that are available from my health store)

  • Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C (this is kind of pricey – about $1.00 per pouch – but if you mix 3 pouches into 8 oz of water it’s like having a vitamin C IV treatment which can run about $150.00). If Lypo-Spheric is out of your budget my next favorite choice is Bio En’R-G’y™ vitamin C crystals. With most vitamin C’s take to bowel tolerance (other than Lypo-Spheric which doesn’t make you loose like other kinds can)
  • Kyolic Garlic Immune Formula (or any Kyolic aged garlic) – I find I have to ask for this to be ordered in at my health food store, they only bring it in and hide it on special request. I’m not sure what that’s about but being the tenacious sort I don’t let that stop me for getting my hot little hands on it.
  • Mushroom Formula is another one of my secret weapons. Any blends of Shitake, Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, etc. are said to work well to boost the immune system and Fighter T-cells.
  • Vitamin D3 – I’ve really taken to liking the spray versions over the pills because I believe it enters the blood stream immediately and doesn’t put any stress upon the liver to break it down and distribute it.
  • Zinc is said to reduce the severity of the symptoms of a cold and cut down it’s effects by at least 24 hours.  I do however take this with caution (not more than 50 mg a day) because of my personal history of asthma and a compromised immune system, as there’s some question around side affects and safety. I suspect that I get more than enough natural zinc from the turkey soup anyway but I did want to mention it because if you do a search on natural cold remedies it’s bound to get mentioned. Also, never, and I do mean NEVER, use a nasal spray containing zinc – it can lead to loss of your sense of smell – sometimes permanently.

My work in this world allows me to help you, and others, find real-life solutions for achieving naturally vibrant health in the real-world – a world that certainly doesn’t make it easy.

Whenever I am dealing with a health challenge myself I recognize it as a gift from the universe, to remind me what it’s like to face imbalances in the body, mind and spirit that lead to dis-ease. I use it as an opportunity to set about eliminating what created the imbalance in the first place and I do my utmost to heal and return to vibrantly living with grace, ease and harmony.

I sincerely hope what I’ve shared with you today serves to create a little more of that in your life too!

Wishing you vibrant health in a world that doesn’t make it easy,


Founder of Courage to be Healthy™

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