Without Restful Sleep, Vibrant Health Can’t Exist

It seems these days more than ever before, we’re bombarded with suggestions on what we should be swallowing in order to achieve better health — be it supplements, pharmaceuticals or simply advice. We ever-so-dutifully, and too often blindly, pop pills we’re convinced were meant for horses, followed by a green smoothie chaser (although don’t you find most times what’s supposed to be green has more of an unattractive brown muddy hue?). 

But how do you know if any of this is working? Usually we don’t. We find ourselves left simply hoping and praying those naysayers (you know, those folks who are usually disguised as friends or family) aren’t actually right when they call us fools for spending money on all this natural health nonsense. How are we to know what’s working? How can we tell if our health is improving in the slightest?

The answer lies in how well you sleep and how you feel when you wake up in the morning. I haven’t met anyone yet who is dealing with a health challenge that isn’t also dealing with some sort of sleep issue. Sure, I’ve had clients who think they’re sleeping “pretty good” but when I dig a little deeper the truth of the matter quickly reveals itself. They’re often not getting to bed until the wee hours of the morning, their bed looks like a war zone when they wake up from all the tossing and turning or they wake up in the morning wishing they could have gotten just 10 minutes more sleep.

Restful, restorative sleep — or more accurately the lack of it — has become a huge issue for nearly everyone (except my dog Coco, but she can tell you her tricks to getting great sleep in her upcoming blog “Coco’s Corner”). And if you’re wondering if I’m right about this, take a look around you — we’re sicker as a whole than ever before in history!

We’ve got people popping pills to calm them down, then more pills to motivate them to keep on living (anti-depressants) and yet more pills to help them finally get the sleep they so desperately need (although sadly medicated sleep isn’t the kind of sleep that restores nor refreshes). But enough about the problem, I only wanted you to see how you can measure your level of health so let’s move on to indicators of how well you’re sleeping/healing. Yes, healing! Your body does 90% of its repair work while you’re sleeping so when I say you can’t have vibrant health without sleep I mean it.

Measuring your sleep:

  • Do you go to bed at 11:00 pm or later?
  • Do you wake up throughout the night and have trouble getting back to sleep?
  • Do you have night-lights on in your bedroom?
  • Do you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?
  • Do you turn on lights on your way to the bathroom?
  • Do you feel like you get your best sleep during those last 2 hours before you get up?
  • Do you feel like yesterday’s breakfast when it’s time to get up – definitely not ready to “seize the day”?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions I’m sorry to say that your health is quietly paying the price of our modern lifestyle. The good news is that I’m all about finding solutions that work in today’s world. I’m not going to suggest things to correct these health threats by telling you to go to bed at sunset and wake at sunrise like our ancestors did before the invention of electricity.

Here’s what I will suggest you try right off the bat to start getting better sleep immediately. Install (or if you’re technically challenged like me have someone else install) dimmer switches throughout your house. By 8:00 or 8:30 pm start dimming lights in any room you enter. This one trick starts to indicate to your brain that it’s time to prepare for sleep. By the way, your brain and your gut (your second brain) are Command Central for your body.

Because sleep is such a big player in our degree of health I have at least 30 tips and tricks to help my clients start getting the level of sleep that truly heals the mind, body and those raw emotions that can result from even the tiniest lack of it. Are you ready for the really great news? You don’t have to be a client of mine to get access to my top 5 EASY sleep tips for FREE!

Last October I offered my top five tips in a free call and have had so many requests to do it again, I’m doing another call in just a few weeks. Even if you can’t make it to the call live (but it’s so much more fun if you can!) I’m recording it and as long as you’re registered to attend you’ll automatically get the recording — you’ll miss nothing, except maybe those sleepless nights and miserable days (although you’ll miss that hell only if you’re a sucker for punishment and actually enjoy feeling groggy, foggy and downright cranky).

All the information you need to get the sleep and health you desire and deserve is right here on my “5 Zees to a Great Night’s Sleep” information page

Now that you know how important sleep is to your overall health, are you ready to make some changes? Sign up for my free call and let’s get started!

I’d love to hear your challenges, questions and success stories, too, so please leave me a comment below.