“A funny thing happened on my way to helping you get a great night’s sleep!”

Smiley FacesMy dedication to learning all that I can in order to help you always leads me to all kinds of great information from incredible medical and longevity experts. Can you imagine my surprise when — after investing nearly $1,000 in order to learn from a medical expert her “cutting edge solutions for healing adrenal fatigue” — I heard her repeat back (suspiciously nearly word for word) the very same strategies I had only a few weeks earlier shared on my FREE “5 Zees to a Great Night’s Sleep” call?

Now don’t get me wrong, I get it … I don’t have a patent on what I’ve learned over the years, nor do I have a patent on what I share with you. I also get that being quoted or repeated is a risk that comes with having become known as The Goddess of a Great Night’s Sleep — a risk well worth taking by the way, especially if it helps countless people (which it has) recover their health by applying the powerful healing strategies I share.

Years ago, during a conversation in which one minister was accusing another of stealing her topic for the following week’s sermon, I heard him say to her, “When it comes to the truth, there is only one talk.” When it comes to health I believe there really is only “one talk” — that your body has the ability to heal itself given the right environment — and it’s a talk that needs to be heard no matter who delivers it… I suppose.

But did it sting that I wasn’t given credit, if indeed she even heard it from me? And did I wonder if all this was just my ego trying to convince me that the information I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and more hours than I can count gathering during my lifetime is actually worthy of a doctor bothering to repeat it? You betchya!

What’s really funny, in a “cosmic joke” sort of way, is that just last week a subscriber to my Courage to be Healthy ezine asked to meet with me because I “seem to have it all together” and she wanted to “get herself some of that.” Little did she know that I’m vulnerable to feeling like I don’t have it at all “together” especially when I feel a bit (okay, maybe in this case, more than a bit) betrayed.

The “trick” to not letting these sorts of things take me out of my mission or my happiness is that I don’t allow myself to stay in that place for very long. And I learned it in my work with Dr. John DeMartini using his Breakthrough Experience methods.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of his work — here’s the process I took myself through that you can use in your life too. These questions aren’t nearly as detailed as the process of a Breakthrough will provide, they’re just designed to get you started moving out of feeling betrayed or victimized. If you have unresolved stuff, it’s well worth attending the next Breakthrough Experience in your area.

Okay, ready?

  1. Where have I done this same thing to others? (in my case, used someone else’s information without giving them full credit)
  2. What are the benefits of them doing what they’ve done? (Using my work and not giving me credit lit a fire in me to really own my work and be proud of what I share)
  3. What would the disadvantages be if they hadn’t done what they did? (I see how much value my work brings to others – I really am the Goddess of a Great Night’s Sleep!)

During this process, of course my ego was sputtering loudly with plenty of indignation in both my ears “I would never not give credit to someone, how dare you accuse me of something like that?” But once I found the places where I had done to others what I felt was being done to me, and could see the benefits of what happened and how things would be different had this not happened, I began to successfully heal any sense of betrayal.

That’s not to say that taking responsibility like this comes easily to me — I’m like anybody else, taking responsibility is a muscle I work to strengthen daily — but I’m proud of myself for being willing to even try.

So does any of this discourage me from learning all that I can about new, cutting edge solutions to your health challenges and then passionately sharing them with you? The answer to that is a great big fat “NO WAY!” One of the traits I’m known for is my tenacity, especially when it comes to helping the body heal naturally and non-invasively and, baby, this isn’t even close to being a situation that will throw me from that horse.

©2012 Nattacia Mantei