Who’s your mama now?

This is such a sweet story of love that I just needed to share it with you!

As they said in this charming interview, “love knows no bounds”, until of course man steps in with our brilliant plans to clean up the PCP’s, sludge and such that has been created by, well by man, in the water Maria and her friends swim in and drink from! (I use the term “man” in the biblical sense of mankind and not as a way of eliminating the responsibility of women in this – just so we’re clear on that).

Mama is NOT happy

There has been amazing work done by brilliant minds like Mr. Paul Stamets to successfully and safely clean up horrific oil spills and pollution using mushroom fungi. Check out this wonderful TED talk to learn more about how Mr. Stamets work may be a big part of saving this planet.

Rather than look to Mother Nature to help us, in her consistently forgiving manner, to correct the mistakes and messes her irresponsible children have made (uh-hum, that would be us) we too often take the aggressive approach, like going in and draining the swamp, leaving further destruction in our path.

It’s the same approach we repeatedly take towards healing everything from cancer, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), adrenal fatigue, etc. You name it and we throw drugs, surgery or radiation at it (what I call the “Cut it out, burn it out or numb it out approach”) rather than taking responsibility for our former actions and calling on our mother to help heal us. We drain the swamp, our body, of our natural life force in order to detoxify what is choking out health.

3 Simple steps to honor our mother:
With Mother’s Day just around the corner I think this is the perfect time to thank our one true mother, Mother Nature, by taking just one day off from our habitual bombardment against her good nature. Instead of polluting her with EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies), chemical poisons in our foods, soil and water, etc. how about giving her a real gift this Mother’s Day, May 13th, by treating it as a Sabbath day (a day of rest and worship) by doing any, or better yet ALL, of the following:

Reconnect with her and the rest of your family (we’re all brothers and sisters in her eyes)

Shut off all of your electronics for the day (I’m going to make it easy for you, from sunup to sundown, hey it’s supposed to be from sunset the day before until sundown the day of so stop your bellyaching) – that means no cell phones, computers, game boys, televisions, etc. Okay, I can here your panicked cries from here, try then just doing it for one hour, then maybe two and so on.
All those EMFs cause scattered thinking, and oh so much worse, for us so wouldn’t it make sense it’s creating the same electrical mess for our Mother? Let her have an hour or so to gather her thoughts and maybe we’ll all hear her loving suggestions on how we can clean up the mess we’ve created in our room (our physical body and our planet), like all children tend to do when we are left to our own devices.
Hey, we all know how annoyed, to put it mildly, our Mom gets when she prepares a magnificent feast (which Mother Nature does every day of the week for us) and we refuse to lift our heads from the television or our game-boy, computer, etc. Well Mother Nature is no different and when she’s had enough of our insolence she can throw quite a fit, ummm, think tsunamis, tornados, flash floods, to name only a few hissy fits she can wallop us with.

Don’t drive anywhere, unless it’s to pick up someone for Mother’s day brunch or dinner.  Can’t you just feel Mother Nature taking a huge cleansing breath at just the thought of no unnecessary fumes filling her lungs for a day?

Eat green, whole foods only. What do I mean by “whole foods”? That’s food the way Mother Nature serves it, not processed, packaged and far removed with how it looks out in nature. Here’s a great rule-of-thumb, if it comes from a package chances are it’s processed, if it comes from nature it’s already whole, nothing needs to be added, fortified or vitaminized!

That’s it, 3 simple ways (you can honour our true Mother – earth – for just one day – if you really want to make her happy you could always plan to do this one day out of every week. Her forgiveness of your past discretions will be evident in the joy and health you’ll radiate as you repeatedly demonstrate love and respect for Her!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!

Yours in Vibrant Health,