Clear the Path for Healing by Taking Care of Your Spine

Chiropractic WellnessOver a year ago, at my very first attempt at Pilates, I injured myself badly. My ego, my desire to be a good student, must have been in full-bloom that day because rather than discontinuing this particular move — one that was creating red-hot screaming pain in my hips and back — I persevered, only to find myself spending the next year trying every tool I know of to alleviate the pain and inflammation from the body.

 Some of the powerful tools I used:

  • Weekly deep tissue body massages
  • Drinking fresh, homemade greens juice and green smoothies
  • Eating clean – organic fresh veggies and low sugar fruits – sugar feeds inflammation
  • Sleeping on a medium/firm mattress
  • Taking target-specific high-end supplements to support nutrient levels
  • Switching office chairs occasionally (now I know what Goldilocks went through)
  • Doing SCENAR™ treatments on back and hips (very cool space age technology)

 I know all of these healthy lifestyle choices make a big difference in supporting the body towards healing itself, but there was one thing I suspected would be my ticket out of pain and back onto the path of wellness -– I knew I had to go back, after a long absence, to my chiropractor.

 As I sat in Dr. Jeff’s treatment room throbbing in pain he gently reminded me “it’s downright exhausting for the body to be in a constant state of pain while working to correct improper alignment.” Well in case you don’t already know this about me, I have been digging myself out of the ditch of chronic fatigue ever since my husband Jurgen’s cancer diagnosis 8 years ago. I cannot afford to make my body work any harder than it already is — none of us can really.

 Certainly during our journey of returning Jurgen to health naturally and noninvasively (which by the way included chiropractic care) my health and energy had also recovered significantly. But Dr. Jeff’s comment reminded me of something I know for others — but had forgotten for myself – that achieving vibrant health on a long term basis is an ongoing process, otherwise illness can subtly find it’s way back into your life, which in my case showed up as increasing fatigue and digestive issues.

 I’m not going to tell you that a miracle took place and I’m 100% pain free after one or two treatments, but by continuing with the lifestyle choices I listed above and adding in regular chiropractic care, every day I’m moving a little easier, a little more pain-free and can feel my energy, digestion, thinking process, etc. steadily improving. 

Seek Corrective Chiropractic Care

Consider your spine the housing for a freeway of nerves which are carrying messages of healing, nutrition and function to your organs, muscles, and joints — virtually supplying your entire working body.  Now consider how well those messages can get to where they are intended when the freeway is blocked, kinked and twisted.  It can’t do its job very efficiently right? 

Regular and proper chiropractic care helps to unblock your freeway and open the message centers to the appropriate areas of your body.


 “If your spine and Central Nervous System are ‘abnormal,’ there is a need for corrective chiropractic care. This type of care will restore ‘normal’ spinal position and alignment. By properly restoring normal curves to the spine and aligning the vertebrae, it will eliminate CNS interference allowing your body to function and heal ‘normally.’ This gives you your optimum chance to be at 100 percent of your God-given potential.

A healthy spine with the right lifestyle program gives you an unbeatable combination for normal, optimal health and your best possible future. It’s simply the way that health is defined.

To find a corrective care chiropractor, look for chiropractic offices that utilize both posture and X-ray analysis to evaluate a patient’s spine and Central Nerve System. Spinal corrective care can be compared to orthodontic corrective care. Depending on the severity of the condition, it takes several months to several years to attain maximum correction and then a lifetime of maintenance if long-term normal function and optimal health is your goal.” 

~ By Dr. Ben Lerner, Dr. Greg Loman and Dr. Rob Schiffman

A final word of advice … more for myself to heed than anyone … allow pain to serve as the signal it’s designed to be. Pain is a call to action — stop doing what you’re doing and make some proactive changes to your life in order to prevent further pain.