My Delicious Days & Steamy Nights with David Wolfe – Part 1

Sleeping like a well-fed kittenRecently I spent three delicious days and two steamy nights with David Wolfe — one of my favorite make-me-giggle-then-tilt-my-head-in-awe health mentors. My skirt was definitely blow’n up by my ears in glee as David shared ways we could get hot and sweaty, and then proceeded to offer ways to wring me out — all of which left me sleep’n and purr’n like a well fed kitten.

There were so many transformative moments over the course of the Longevity Intensive weekend, which of course I’m really excited to share with you! Ahh, but knowing where to begin, that indeed is my greatest dilemma.

How about I start by revealing 4 of David’s 7 Pillars of Health … especially since he and I share 6 out of the 7 pillars in both our programs.

Next time I’ll share the remaining 3 pillars, plus the one that is different — which makes a total of another 4 more pillars (no disrespect intended, but I actually like my 7th pillar better — especially for the everyday Joe like you and me).  

Here we go:

Pillar #1

Develop your Nerve Force by getting hot and sweaty and then alternate with a little “dang that’s chilly” nipple-hardening cold too!

The fact is we’ve simply gotten waaaay to comfy within our heated homes in the winter and air conditioned surroundings during those sunny summer months. We’ve become environmental wusses and, heaven help us, if we ever lose our temperature-controlled environment we’ll melt faster than an ice cream cone can drip over a 2-year-olds fist! 

Toughen up Toots by opening up your nervous system — every day do one or more of these:

  • Far-infrared sauna sessions for 30 – 45 minutes minimum.
  • Exercise to the point of sweating (a nice warm yoga class can be ideal). Follow your sweat sessions with a dip in as cold a water as you can find.
  • Dry brush your body from tips of your toes all the way up to the tip of your nose. (Okay, not quite to your nose, but dry brush up to your shoulders).
  • End your showers by varying the water temperature between hot/cold/hot/cold. Do this 3 or 4 times and end with cold — it won’t be long before your shower doesn’t feel complete without this routine, seriously!
  • Have someone give you regular body massages. You need to break up the surface crust of your tissues and it takes someone else to get in and do that.

By expanding and contracting using the above strategies you’ll wring out your tissues, build your nerve force and inhibit virus growth (think cold/flu, etc.). 

Pillar #2

Get connected to the earth.  Studies have shown that the minute you bring your body back in touch with the earth (especially connecting your bare skin to mother earth) your right-brain is instantly calmed. Your right-brain, in case you don’t know, is your creative side, which is why most of your great ideas come while you’re in the shower – water is grounding!

PLUS by getting grounded your cortisol (the stress hormone responsible for fight, flight or freeze response) levels are lowered, which can really help those of us with adrenal fatigue issues!

Ways to connect with the earth include:

  • Walk barefooted on grass, sand and even on rocks (remember how as a kid you could climb on rocks without a second thought?)
  • Swim in the ocean or go jump in a lake (I mean that in a good way) — failing the availability to do either, invest in a good shower filter and have a nice shower at the end of the day to off-load the EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) you’ve absorbed throughout the day.
  • Sleep on the earth — if that’s not possible then look into Earthing™ technologies for your home and/or office.  Psst … Get off that coiled mattress! It’s a huge EMF absorber that feeds those dirty frequencies back to you while you’re sleeping — yikes!
  • Sun gaze — at sunset and sunrise there’s a flux in the earth’s surface and atmosphere that sparks a magic within us. This is such a great time to do your prayers, as you watch the sun rise and set … ahhhhhh!!!

Whatever you need to do to get reconnected with the mother of us all — Mother Earth — please do it. A mother’s touch is the most healing energy on earth.

Pillar #3

Get the right amount of sleep for YOU! This is one place David and I have differing opinions regarding what qualifies as the “right amount for you.” It’s something I work diligently with clients to determine and time and again I see the detrimental affects upon our health caused by poor quality and quantity of sleep.

What David and I do agree on though are these sleep strategies:

  • Sleep with the window in your bedroom open to keep the air fresh.
  • Sleep in a dark and quiet place.
  • No TV or computer for at least 60 minutes prior to bedtime.
  • Get rid of electrical devices near your bed.
  • Sleep without a pillow (David also recommends sleeping inverted). At the very least, invest in a soft or very shallow pillow. Your neck should not be tilted forward at all when your head is on your pillow. If it is, your adrenal glands end up working all night thinking you’re still in an upright position! 

I’m currently busy revamping my 5 Zees to a Great Night’s Sleep audio program. If you want my top 5 sleep tips for FREE as soon as this new and improved version is available you can simply click here and I’ll get that out to you as soon as it’s ready … which should be any day now, really!

Pillar #4

Meditate daily. Stress is the number 1 killer, and meditation has been proven to reduce stress leading to a longer, happier, healthier life.

I find this the trickiest thing to apply to my life … especially in today’s world of do, do, do. It’s difficult to sit still for more than a minute or two without feeling more stressed out by what’s not getting done while you’re sitting there! 

You may find these tips helpful:

  • Start by setting a timer for just 5 minutes and add 1 minute every day until you’re meditating for 10-13 minutes.
  • Sit or lie down. The sky won’t fall if you’re not sitting in lotus position looking all zen-like. If you know you’ll only do this lying down, then by all means lie down! Choose somewhere fairly comfy — this isn’t naptime though, but hey, if you do drift off don’t worry, you’ll still benefit from the de-stressing time.
  • Close your eyes and take a slow inhale through your nose to a count of 4-7 then hold for a 1-2 pause before slowly exhaling to a count of 4-7.
  • Continue counting your inhales, holds and exhales if you like, just to keep your mind-monkeys at bay.
  • If thoughts come up just view them like you would ripples in a stream. Watch them go by without judgment. Don’t hang onto them and don’t get frustrated that they showed up … just let them go by with no attachment to them.
  • When the timer goes off gently take a couple of deeper inhales and exhales as you slowly begin opening your eyes.

Do the above process twice each day. Umm, if your stress level just shot up at the thought of doing this twice a day that’s a clear sign you really need to apply Pillar #4 to your life every day –seriously, you need it!

If possible meditate at sunrise and sunset, but honestly, anytime is better than not at all. Sometimes I’ll sneak meditation in a few minutes before a call with a client, or prior to eating lunch. Yes, sometimes it takes more discipline than I have the patience for — it’s those times I know I need it the most.

There you have it — the first 4 Pillars towards health, wellness and longevity!

Sweat, sleep, get skin-to-skin with Mother Earth, and of course be sure to chill out with a few minutes of meditation every day. You’ll be a whole lot closer to enjoying better health by heating up those toxins and wringing them out of your tissues in fun and easy ways!

Oh, and remember, if you want my hot-off-the-presses 5 Zees to a Great Night’s Sleep audio program due out any day now, please be sure to click here to receive it for FREE!