Super Cheap, Fast & Easy Cold or Flu Solutions

Travel Health Tips

Recently I attended David Wolfe’s Longevity Intensive in Los Angeles, where the information was ALL about building one’s immune system. Over the course of the weekend I, along with 199 other lucky souls, was introduced to a ton of very exciting, hot-off-the-press, longevity solutions. Being immersed in this environment certainly helped me recover from the cold and flu bug I had entered the weekend with.

However, I’d like to take some credit for recovering my health lickety-split by being smart enough to apply my easy, super-effective and inexpensive Get-over that Cold or Flu Fast protocol – especially during stressful times such as getting the kids back to school and getting back into full work mode.

I’ve geared the following towards travel, since these are tips no one really talks about, but I’d really like to encourage you to ask yourself questions such as, “Where else in your life are you being exposed to x-ray radiation?” and take these strategies into your everyday immune boosting skills:

  1. Eat very clean prior to and during stressful times, even if you enjoy travelling it is a stressor to the body. Choose to eat lots of green veggies, which help keep your bowels moving and thereby eliminating toxins.
  2. Use a saline solution nasal spray – keeping your nose hairs moist helps your nose work as the air filter it’s meant to be. Train yourself to breathe in and out of your nose, not your mouth.
  3. Up your Vitamin C intake – recently a friend told me about AirBorne, an all-natural and wonderful effervescent tablet that’s free of aspartame, sugar and/or fructose/sucrose (sugars feed bugs, clearly not a good thing). I take 1 fizzy tab in ½ c of clean water (not tap) 3 times per day when fending off a bug or travelling.
  4. Pass on the coffee, soft drinks or alcohol – all of which deplete your immune system. Buy a bottle of spring water (if possible choose spring over reverse osmosis) once you’ve cleared security and take it on the plane so you can drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated (wash those bugs out of you).
  5. Do NOT go through airport x-ray machines (radiation lowers your immune system and could increase your chances of developing certain cancers) – opt out and go for a pat down … hey, if you’ve got nothing to hide, hide nothing. I find the security staff to be very respectful – if that hasn’t been your experience then set a new intention for it to always be a pleasant one.
  6. As soon as you arrive at wherever you’ll be calling home for the next while get out onto the earth. Slip off your shoes and socks and rub your hands and feet into the earth/grass — a beach works even better, yum! This simple step helps your body get rid of the pent-up EMFs you’ve gathered in your body after sitting for hours in a metal tube that serves like a conductor for gamma waves, radio waves and other “dirty” electricity bouncing around you as everyone fires up their cell phones the second the plane touches down
  7. This is the trick that will save you pain and/or temporary hearing loss if you have any signs of a head cold or blocked sinuses when flying. Ask the flight attendant for a cup with a hot towel in it to place over your plugged ear (or get one for both ears) prior to beginning your descent. Works like a charm!

More than anything do your best to enjoy your life and any amount of travel you’re blessed enough to experience — even though enjoying air travel and feeling safe is not really encouraged nowadays.

Perhaps the best immune booster out there is having an attitude of joy, trusting that you’re Divinely protected at all times and fostering a sense of gratitude for the opportunity and freedom to globetrot — even if it’s just a matter of globetrotting to and from school or work!