My Delicious Days & Steamy Nights with David Wolfe – Part 2

In part one of this article, I shared with you 4 of the 7 Pillars David Wolfe and I both recommend in order to enjoy a long life filled with health and vitality. Today, as promised, I’m going to share David’s final 3 – PLUS – I’ll share my 7th Pillar which is, I believe, an essential piece to living healthy and happy.

Pillar #5

Eat less – Drink more! I know, I perked up on that one too. Sounds like Nirvana doesn’t it? Well it can be…especially if you drink more of the best…water that is! Just because it’s wet and it’s water doesn’t mean it’s quenching your body’s many cries for hydration though.

Did you know that tap water gets ALL the pollutants? Not just chlorine or fluoride, which is bad enough, we’re talking all the prescription medication other people are taking and up to 35,000 other contaminants. So how do you get the best water?

Start with these simple guidelines:

  • Drink spring water whenever possible. Choose it over Reverse Osmosis, Distilled and certainly over tap water.
  • If you have a choice at the store select spring water bottled in glass (plastic can be leaching out BPA, which has been linked to estrogen dominance and certain cancers).
  • If you do drink water bottled in the standard plastic bottles, as opposed to food grade plastic, don’t reuse and refill the bottle time again and again. If it’s been sitting in the sun or in your car and has gotten hot at all don’t drink it…BPA is released by the heat!
  • Add a pinch of sea salt to your water. Sea salt has trace minerals; with processed (table) salt the trace minerals have been removed. Salt actually draws heat and inflammation out of your tissues (yeah) and is considered an androgenic, meaning it fights estrogen dominance…a very good thing!

When you begin drinking 8-10 glasses of the best water possible you may find you need to visit the bathroom more often. But, if you add that pinch of sea salt to each glass of water you drink the salt allows the water to better penetrate your tissues and organs and you’ll usually find you need to piddle less often.

Pillar #6

Eat Superfoods. The term Superfoods is relatively new, but the benefits of them have been known for centuries. David Wolfe is the one who brought them out of obscurity and pretty much put them on the map. The list of Superfoods is rather surprising, simply because when you see how relatively common most of them are you may find yourself saying “Who knew?!”

Here are some common Superfoods that are easily added to your diet:

  • Goji Berries – the longest living people have all consumed some form of Goji berries. Rich in antioxidants these bright red berries protect us from free radicals (think aging), support the adrenal glands, boost immune function and so much more.
  • Cacao (Raw Chocolate) – not to be confused with cocoa, this is chocolate in it’s purest form. Rich in trace minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, vitamin C it is also the number one source of magnesium!
  • Maca – you can buy this powerful root veggie in capsule or loose powder form to add to your morning smoothie to help balance your hormones, put more zippity back in your doo-da, plus helps support thyroid function.
  • Bee Products – raw honey, bee pollen and royal jelly are extremely regenerative (if you ever burn yourself apply a little raw honey to the spot and prepare to be amazed), rich in B vitamins and are surprisingly high in protein.
  • Spirulina and Blue-Green Algae – speaking of protein, these vibrantly green babies pack the biggest punch of any plants or animals on the planet! Rich in chlorophyll and loaded with amino acids plus vitamins and minerals Both are terrific immune boosters and anti-inflammatories.
  • Hemp Seed – another rich source of complete protein this seed is also a great source of fiber and boasts a high mineral content. Sprinkle it on soups, salads or add it to your smoothie for a delicious and nutritious boost.
  • Coconut – I hesitate to share this one with you because so many of us are dealing with the devastating results of our high sugar consumption, namely Candida/Yeast Overgrowth. However, when used in moderation (or fermented) coconuts can help regulate symptoms of hypoglycemia, support thyroid function and healthy cholesterol. Look for un-sulfured and unsweetened and add to your recipes for natural sweetness that actually helps increase your metabolism and fat burning abilities!

David Wolfe’s Pillar #7

Eat Superherbs. Herbs can be extremely powerful immune builders and learning to eat for our immune system is becoming a must in today’s world. David’s just released his new book Chaga – The King of Medicinal Mushrooms in which he shares this new concept and actually manages to make it downright fascinating!

The future of healing diseases will be immunological – meaning the focus will finally be one of building your immune system, rather than destroying it, which is the way our current approach is proving to do.

Here are a few other high-ranking Superherbs you may want to incorporate into your diet by way of teas, elixirs or simply capsules:

  • Chaga – considered the most alkaline substance ever found. Chaga promotes strength and balance physically and psychically, making it a great daily herb.
  • Reishi – Ron Teeguarden, creator of Dragon Herbs, playfully dethroned Chaga as King and replaced it with Reishi as the ultimate herb because it is bio-directional, meaning it is anti-inflammatory at the same time that it builds strength. Whichever is king matters not, both are worth exploring!
  • Gynostemma – is considered a supreme balancing herb with anti-aging and anti-fatigue effects. Believed to “wash your DNA” Ron has formulated a delicious caffeine-free Gynostemma tea made by Dragon Herbs called Spring Dragon LongevityTea.

There are of course numerous other Superherbs but chances are your head is already swimming with all I’ve shared so far and I do want to get to the final pillar…my 7th pillar. This is one pillar that is so healing and easy to incorporate into your life that I don’t want you so overwhelmed with information that you miss it!

If you’re keen to learn more about Superherbs check out David’s book Chaga, The King of all Mushrooms or Ron Teeguarden’s company Dragon Herbs.

Nattacia’s Pillar #7

Oxygenate your Cells. Disease thrives in an anaerobic (oxygen deficient) environment. So how do you create a healthy body, rich with oxygen? Breath comes to mind right away, but most people I meet and teach yoga to simply aren’t breathing optimally and it’s leading to aging and the collapse of vibrant health.

What I mean by breathing optimally is that the diaphragm, your low ribs, actually move in and out with your breath allowing oxygen to reach your internal organs and cells in a way that engages parasympathetic breathing, or in other word, de-stresses the mind, body and emotions – and it does so almost instantly!

Secondly, breathe through that air filter that God/Goddess/All That Is supplied right there on your gorgeous little ol’ face! It’s called a nose, in case you hadn’t guessed, and it’s designed for breathing in and out of…your mouth on the other hand is not!

Here’s your homework – Spend just 5 minutes, 3 times a day retraining yourself to inhale deeply through your nose, feel your diaphragm rise and fall with your breath. Do your best to empty your breath completely on the exhale, it’s actually in the space at the bottom of your exhale that improves the depth of your inhale.

Best way ever to oxygenate your cells, boost your immune system and heal on ALL levels is to laugh. If you feel like you’ve got nothing to laugh about then by all means fake it till you make it. Find somewhere you can shamelessly start to fake laugh and pretty quickly you’ll be laughing for real. I’m quite serious, by the way, because laughter (proven over and over for those of you who need research and science to back up recommendations) truly is the greatest healer of all. 

Don’t believe me you say?  Why not just give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose and just about everything to gain. I’m confident you’ll very quickly be reporting back to me that you feel lighter, happier and like the sun is shining a bit brighter in your life.