Courage to be Healthy’s K.I.S.S. Eating Plan

veggiesI’m an avid reader and researcher of all things natural and non-invasive in the ways of healing the body and achieving vibrant health but, you know what, sometimes I find the more you read the more confused you can get.

In an effort to ease my confusion I started to look for the common denominator between EVERY successful weight loss, energy producing, sleep enhancing, diabetes controlling and joy creating health book, or program out there.

Let’s K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie) our way out of the confusion shall we:

Courage to be Healthy’s K.I.S.S. Eating Plan

#1 – Eat primarily a plant-based diet

80% of your diet should consist of non-starchy plant based vegetables (“should” of course means only if you want to be healthy).  Note I said “non-starchy” — potatoes barely make it to the veggie list as it is so we’re NOT talking a plate of fries here.

 Load up on lots and lots of colorful veggies, leafy greens and choose organic whenever possible – especially when it comes to celery.

#2 – Eat Unprocessed foods – avoid packaged foods and ingredients

The easiest way to do this is to eat foods that look like they did in nature by the time they end up on your plate. In other words, if any of the ingredients came from a can, carton, box or bag (other than fresh or frozen fruits and veggies of course) chances are it’s been processed and it’s outta here!

#3 – Eliminate cow dairy (unless you can find raw, unpasteurized, dairy)

Besides being highly mucus forming and acidifying (disease thrives in an acidic environment – plants tend to be alkalizing, yeah!) dairy, simply put, does NOT do a body good. Switch to almond, hemp, rice or coconut milk (although you won’t really need milk much if you heed the next recommendation).

A little goat/sheep feta cheese doesn’t seem to be nearly as inflammatory or create digestive issues like cow’s dairy does – eat in moderation though.

#4 – Avoid grains and glutens

By avoiding packaged and processed foods (#2) you’ve pretty much done away with breads, pastries, muffins, etc. but take it a step further and become a label reader – you’ll be amazed where glutens are hidden.

I want to caution you not to leap onto the “gluten-free” train, which is bound for hell eventually. Rice crackers, gluten-free cookies, etc. are all still processed foods and sit like glue in your gut – and who wants that yucky feeling?

#5 – Eliminate refined sugars and artificial sweeteners

This means processed sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, jams and jellies, etc. but it’s a great rule of thumb to lay off all the sugars since they feed disease and inflammation.

If you want to reduce inflammation it’s best to go easy on the honey, maple syrup and sugary fruits such as bananas. Opt for berries instead (the darker they are the more they’re loaded with antioxidants).

#6 – Avoid unfermented soy and soy-fed foods (think chickens & the eggs they produce)

Unfermented soy can mess with your hormones, thyroid function and digestion! Sadly, soy is in just about everything nowadays so you’ll need to pull out your magnifying glass and read labels.

This entire soy debate makes me want to ping that chunk of tofu clean off the forks of people I see proudly chowing down on it, mistakenly believing they’re eating healthy – unfermented soy is estrogenic … I mean the bad kind … nuff said?

Fermented soy on the other hand (such as miso, natto and wheat-free soy sauce, etc.) seems to have health benefits without producing the estrogenic effect (yeah!)  Although, I still suggest you go easy on even these sources of soy, especially since most soy these days is genetically modified … which is another way of saying it’s a chemical nightmare.  GMO foods are viewed as a foreign invader by your cells and your digestive system (which is responsible for 80% of your immune system).

# 7 – Avoid corn and corn-fed foods (think beef and chicken and the eggs those poor little cluckers produce)

Just like soy, corn is in just about everything, and it’s hell on your digestion, feeds disease and promotes inflammation.

If all you did was follow the first two KISSES from the list above, you’d be well on your way toward releasing unwanted weight, improving your digestion, decreasing inflammation and pain in your body and lifting brain fog … how sweet is that??!!!