3 Easy Ways to Pump Up Your Self-Esteem Muscles

You Rock!

Are you one of those wonderful people who takes time to acknowledge and celebrate other people’s successes, especially if they’re feeling down on themselves? You’re quick to pick others up, yet have trouble finding time to see your own achievements? Perhaps even worse, maybe all you can see is where you’ve fallen short in life?

 Constantly beating yourself up for what you don’t get done is very tough on your overall health and well-being  It whips the tar out of your adrenal glands, thyroid and digestion, leaving you further exhausted and depleted. Is it any wonder you’re too tired to even think about tooting your own horn?!

By creating even the smallest sense of accomplishment in your day, you can actually boost your immune system, rev up your thyroid and digestive functions, sleep better at night, and so on. In other words, you’ll be more energetic, feel more attractive and live a more vibrant life!

With so much to gain and nothing to lose (unless you’re particularly fond of that energy sucking Grumplestiltskin alter ego who’s out to steal your joy) let’s start by creating the powerful habit of celebrating and acknowledging YOU with these three quick and easy strategies:

  1. Clear out the clutter — even if it’s one gum wrapper at a time! We sometimes get so used to stepping over shoes, clothes, papers, etc. that we don’t even see it anymore — but your subconscious does. Clutter takes you down and wears you out. Clutter creates havoc internally.

Start small — choose one small area you can de-clutter within 5 or 10 minutes max., like your purse or briefcase. After you’ve finished one small, yet emotionally significant task, take a moment to feel a sense of accomplishment and tune into how much easier it is to breathe by simply achieving one small thing you’ve been putting off, or ignoring.

  1. Celebrate – Take 30 seconds to jot down these thoughts and feelings from above on your computer, iPhone or, even better, in your Gratitude Journal. In other words, celebrate your achievements, even the smallest of ones.

Your self-esteem is like a muscle, it needs to be strengthened and toned and the best way to do that is to acknowledge yourself every day for what you DID get done. Give yourself plenty of “atta girl” pats on the back throughout the day!

  1. Quiet your mental chatter using the following two ways for at least 10 to 15 minutes every day. If you’re anything like me, the act of sitting still for formal meditation is sheer torture on that ever so busy Monkey Mind. Boy do I have some great news — there are two techniques that can quiet your mind without you even knowing it!

#1 — Still the mind through physical exercise, ideally a flow yoga class (given that’s what I love to teach). But really, any exercise that gets you moving, breathing and requires your focus and attention long enough to go into the zone (that space where there are little or no thoughts) will do nicely.

#2 — Sing or chant, preferably out loud. One of my favorite albums to chant to is Deva Premal & Miten’s “Mantras for Precarious Times” where you can choose mantras for healing or to remove obstacles or, perhaps my favorite, sacred lovemaking! Bottom line is that you’re brilliant, beautiful and creative!

In fact, I know you’re so creative that I’d love to hear some of the other ways you’ve found to help you feel great about yourself and to celebrate your achievements. Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!


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