Dump Electromagnetic Toxins FAST — for FREE!

bare feet in grassOne of the best and absolutely FREE ways to dump the EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that are robbing us of our health and our sense of joy is to get outside for a Dew Walk every day — first thing in the morning, again when you get home from work and as often as possible throughout the day. Simply step outside, take off your shoes and socks and rub your hands and feet in the grass and on the earth. Spending these few minutes doing this simple activity can quickly pull pent-up EMFs out of you lickety split!

However, as I write this article it’s pouring rain outside — so what do you do when the weather doesn’t permit you to do this powerfully detoxifying, energizing activity?

Here are four of my favorite ways to dump EMFs and feel refreshed fast:

1. Invest in a few plants for around the inside of your house. Touch the dirt and stroke the leaves on those rainy or snowy days to help your body discharge the EMFs – it’s not quite as effective as stepping out onto Mother Earth sans those shoes and socks, but it’s certainly better than not connecting to nature at all.

2. Shower or bathe in Epsom salts before you go to bed at night (be sure to invest in a good shower filter to remove the chlorine, etc.). Water is grounded, which is why you don’t want to do this during an electrical storm. As you let the water run over you perhaps go a step further by envisioning it carrying the EMF toxins out of your body and back into the earth.

3. Turn off your cell phones, WiFi, etc. before you go to bed at night. This doesn’t necessarily rid your body of pent-up EMFs, but it will at least prevent you from storing even more while you’re sleeping.

4. While we’re on the subject of sleep — when the time comes to replace your mattress (which you do ideally every 5 to 7 years) consider investing in a NON-coil mattress. Those coils work like antennas, attracting EMFs and feeding that mess back to you while you’re sleeping on them. Yuck! It’s no wonder we wake up feeling zapped and exhausted!

What ways have you found to feel refreshed or to get rid of those nasty EMFs? Share them with me below!