Grounding — Promises vs. Concerns


Several years ago now, after hearing about grounding from many respected health professionals, we made the decision to invest in Earthing™ sheets for our bed. These sheets have a special silver thread woven throughout which then plugs into the grounding outlet of your home, offering the promise of carrying the toxic EMFs out of your body while you’re sleeping.

Reconnecting with the earth makes perfect sense to me – even though I initially wondered about the idea of “plugging” myself into the electrical outlet of my home, through a grounding plug or not.

Feeling reassured by the testing kit the company provides when you purchase an Earthing™ sheet, we proceeded to plug our nearly $200.00 sheet into the outlet’s grounding plug and begin sleeping ‘connected’ to the earth. The tester is designed to indicate whether the outlet you’re plugging into is properly grounded, however, I’ve since been told by electrical engineers that many homes/hotels and offices aren’t truly “grounded”!

Over the years I’ve dismissed the gnawing feeling that I was more “plugged-in” than I’d like to be. I would tell myself that it was all in my head — especially given how many health professionals were touting the benefits of this technology. Nonetheless, I would wake up most mornings, and often throughout the night, feeling like I was “buzzing” or at the very least feeling more connected to the electrical grid than I cared to be.

Maybe it’s indeed all in my noggin, but when I recently heard a respected health colleague of mine share how he’d experienced the same feeling, I suggested to my hubby that we try sleeping without it for a while and see if we noticed a difference.

That’s a few weeks ago now but, call me crazy if you like, I’m actually sleeping much better at night. Perhaps that’s more to do with the fact that I’m doing my Dew walking every morning and getting out onto the earth barefoot several times throughout the day — winter may prove to be a completely different experience. Fortunately that’s a few months away so I’ve got some time to continue researching this subject.

Two Ways I Do Use Earthing™ Technologies

1) I have two grounding pads in my office – one under my desk that I put my bare feet on while I’m working, and another under the keypad that the heal of my hands can rest upon in between thoughts when I’m typing.

Whether or not I’m 100% convinced the plug in my office is indeed grounded properly, I know that when I’m sitting in front of my computer I’m pretty much swimming in a cesspool of EMFs so I consider having these Earthing™ products under me as a bit of a life preserver.

2) The other products I think are worthwhile to invest in are Earthing’s™ flip-flops and Juil sandals. The rubber-soled shoes we wear nowadays serve as a barrier between us and the earth (which is why I keep suggesting you kick off your shoes whenever possible) — they’re insulating us from being able to dispel the EMFs we’re absorbing from our electronically-loaded environment.

These shoes have a grounding pad under the ball of your foot that allows you to discharge EMFs into the earth while still protecting your feet from sharp or otherwise hazardous objects.

Here is a great cartoonlike video explaining what I’ve been saying about the benefits of grounding … enjoy … and then, like I suggested last time we connected, get outdoors, kick off your shoes and get connected to Mother Earth.

Earthing Video

** Click image to play **

Have you been practicing grounding? If so, share what technologies work for you below in the comments area.