Access Healing & Happiness – With Every Beat of Your Heart

ConnectednessSome people claim they have “no rhythm” but that’s absolutely not true! Each and every one of us is born with rhythm – it exists with every beat of your heart. Remember how, as a small child, you felt an almost primal need and absolute exhilaration from simply banging away on the bottom of a pot or pan with a wooden spoon – and it became even more joyful when others joined in on the fun!

We not only have an innate desire and need for rhythm in our lives, but also for a sense of connectedness with each other – it’s then that we feel in harmony with life. Bringing these needs and desires together through a Community Drum Circle can help calm frayed nerves, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, relieve depression, alleviate anger, promote deep and restful sleep, balance cortisol levels and other feel-good hormones. Whew … and that’s not even the half of it!

Unfortunately our busy lifestyles have not only disconnected us from hearing the whisper of our heart’s desire for connection with others, it’s also distanced us from our need to live a life filled with meaning, purpose, passion and joy.

I realize all that sounds like a tall order for a simple drum to fulfill. Yet, by combining the Health Rhythms™ protocol with a supportive community environment, it ends up being the perfect recipe for healthy, happy human beings.

Brené Brown has studied the power of vulnerability and our need for human connectedness. She has a clear picture of what it will take to begin raising our children to become strong, successful, happy and healthy adults. With over 15 million views, I would encourage you to listen to her poignant and funny Ted Talk.

What if you’re not in the Calgary area or able to join us for our upcoming Community Drum Circle taking place at Yogadown in Okotoks on Aug 16th yet you still want all of the benefits it has to offer? Here are a couple of ways you can start to reconnect with your rhythm, your community and your sense of joy in life.

  1. Search the Internet for Community Drum Circles offered in your area. You might be shy or nervous your first time out, so go easy on yourself by practicing compassion for yourself and celebrate your courage and desire to take action towards building your connection with others. That sense of connection, community and support could prove to be the beginning of a whole new level of health, healing and joy for you!
  1. Attend a workshop in your area on a topic that’s of interest to you. In order to truly build connection with others though, plan to arrive several minutes early so you can begin building relationships/friendships.
  1. Volunteer to help out at your local seniors’ center, hospital, humane society, etc. The best way to feel connected and supported by others is to offer your gift of time and presence to them – to be in service. Be sure to thank others for allowing you the opportunity to help them, for being willing to share their time with you. When you are in a state of gratitude and appreciation for others, you feel a connection and sense of belonging with your tribe.

Nattacia & Jurgen

Jurgen and Nattacia Mantei are trained Circles of Rhythm™ Community Drum Circle and Health Rhythms™ Facilitators; combining their sense of playfulness with the serenity and fulfillment they enjoy as International Yoga Instructors.


  1. Tracy

    Hi there…drumming circle sounds amazing…will you be offering more? I can’t come on the 16th.

    • Hi Tracy,
      We don’t have any plans for more drum circles right now – sorry to hear you can’t make this one ;-(. We’ll keep you posted when the next one is on the books though!
      Hugs & thanks!