Passionate. Fun. Dynamic.

United in Wellness was created by international yoga instructors Nattacia and Jurgen Mantei as a place you can come to to find direction and inspiration in the area of yoga and how it pertains to health and personal fulfillment. After spending several years as both students and teachers of yoga they are happy and eager to share with you here what they have found made their yoga practice, health and life more fun and fulfilling.


Nattacia ManteiNattacia Mantei combines her passion for teaching dynamic and fun yoga classes with her 20 plus years of experience and knowledge in advanced healing alternatives.

Using yoga as one of the many ways she helped alleviate years of personal health challenges she now enjoys teaching others to discover for themselves the benefits of moving the body into proper balance and alignment through yoga, and as a Health and Vitality Counselor and founder of Courage to be Healthy™.



Jurgen ManteiJurgen Mantei began his yoga journey in 1997 then, after discovering it’s many profound benefits, he began teaching in 2001. Known for an ability to combine his calm demeanor with his extensive training and experience Jurgen skillfully leads students through a yoga practice that is often described as as “a powerful class that kind of sneaks up and kicks you in the pants.”

By building – and rebuilding – his strength, flexibility and health, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually, through a regular yoga practice Jurgen is passionate about helping others discover what’s possible for themselves, especially when you step onto the path of yoga with loving guidance, respect and compassion as your teacher.


Experienced & Grateful

As International Yoga Instructors, and 500 hour Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance™, Nattacia and Jurgen are forever grateful to their teachers, especially Tim Miller, David Swenson, Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane. They are also thankful to their many health mentors, namely David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Daniel Vitalis, Dr. Bruce Hoffman and Dr. John DeMartini.

Students love their style.

Nattacia and Jurgen are known for leading fun, dynamic and powerful classes — all the while, remaining laser focused on protecting you, the student, through the principles of proper alignment and self-awareness with focus on “Inspiring yoga – Instilling confidence.” For more information on Nattacia and Jurgen’s schedule, or to book them as a guest teacher/presenter, contact Nattacia@CourageToBeHealthy.com.