Tried & True Recipes

I have a confession to make, I’m not a chef — heck I don’t even like cooking! That’s why you’ll only find my favourite recipes posted on this site, and only the ones that myself and my family have raved about.

Tips & tricks to cut your time in the kitchen in half.

Because I’m not a chef and don’t particularly cherish my time in the kitchen, I’ve paid very close attention to any tips or tricks I’ve learned to get a delicious meal on the table and me out of the kitchen just as quickly as possible.  Anything that I’ve found worked for me I’ll be gladly sharing with you within the preparation of the recipes posted here.

When to shop for organic & when to save your $$$

The biggest concern I hear time and again is whether people really need to spend their hard earned income on organic. You’ll discover the Dirty Dozen (foods you really need to buy organic) and the Clean 15 (foods you can get away with buying conventionally grown).

Where to shop.

We are an authorized affiliate to several wonderful organic, raw and non-pasturized food companies and we’re happy to share them with you on our Resources page. We only recommend products and companies we have personal experience with and feel confident sharing with you. Also, check out the Courage to be Healthy™ Health Store for a selection of products we recommend to our clients.