Your Discovery Call application has been received!

Thank you for applying to schedule a one-on-one Complimentary Discovery Call with me. I do my best to schedule people in who I sense would benefit the most from my area of expertise – helping people get out of – or avoid – a health crisis/challenge.

I give you my word that I will review your application just as quickly as my schedule allows. If you are selected I will contact you to arrange your appointment time and give you an idea of how much uninterrupted time you’ll want to allow yourself for our Discovery Call together, as well as offer you a few suggestions on how to get the most benefit out of our initial time together.

Meanwhile, please keep breathing, keep smiling and hold a deep faith/belief that everything is unfolding perfectly in your life right now. Look for the gifts in your life and in whatever challenges you may be experiencing – I promise you that developing faith and trust in the process of life is the first and most important step in finding your Courage to be Healthy™

Thank you for reaching out to me – with much love and gratitude,