FreshStart Health Makeover


  • Are you dealing with a health challenge right now?

  • Is your energy so low you’re barely dragging yourself through each day?

  • Are your hormones out of whack?

  • Can’t get your weigh scale to budge in the right direction?

  • Do you want solutions to all of the above, all wrapped up nicely into one simple, affordable package?

Sounds like you could use a FreshStart!

The FreshStart Health Makeover is a 6-week program developed to help you determine what’s robbing you of your good health, then quickly help get your legs under you so you can begin to regain your energy, deal with everyday stress more effectively, achieve your ideal weight and ignite the hope and faith in your body’s ability to heal itself.

The FreshStart Heath Makeover includes:

  • Personal Health Assessment with follow-up recommendations
  • Home Health Makeover
  • Health Starter Pack
  • Healthy Choices Grocery Store Tour
  • 60-minute instruction on preparing whole foods, fresh juices and energizing smoothies
  • 6 FAR sauna sessions including lymphatic drainage technique?
  • “5 Zees to a Great Night’s Sleep” audio program and guide
  • 14-Day Feel Fabulous Fast Cleanse download

Individually valued at over $1,000 I’ve bundled these services together for a special package investment of just $497 — or 3 bi-weekly payments of $175.

Payment in Full — $497 

  3 Bi-Weekly Payments — $175 

You will need a PayPal account for this option