How hiring a Health Coach can help you

A Health Coach can become an incredibly valuable tool in your transition to achieving vibrant health. Dr. Oz, celebrated television health host and board certified cardiologist, endorses health coaches as a grassroots level aid for individuals. 

While meeting with the Senate, Dr. Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Mark Hyman, former-President Clinton’s doctor, all agreed that health coaches are a valuable component to health care. A Health Coach’s determination on an everyday basis to give guidance and support in making dietary and lifestyle changes provides an invaluable service.

Why Celebrity doctors are getting on board with health coaches

These doctors see how Health Coaches are on a mission to:

  • provide you with the support you need to make lasting changes.
  • supply step-by-step support towards bettering your health.
  • help you achieve the changes needed to improve your diet and lifestyle.
  • guide you to make small incremental changes without overwhelming you.
  • offer easy to follow guidelines you can and will commit to.

My passion and expertise is to help you:

  • Skillfully determine – without judgement – what created your current state of health.
  • Discover what works as well as what doesn’t work for YOU.
  • Offer healthier options best suited to you and your lifestyle.
  • Educate you about the importance of making these changes.
  • Inventory your pantry, fridge and entire home to create better health
  • Shop for healthy food and personal products with confidence and ease.
  • Stay motivated and hold you accountable to making exciting changes
  • Increase your body’s natural healing ability,
  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Improve your energy and vitality. 

Clarity, Common Sense and Commitment 

I get that it takes courage to make changes towards a healthier body and a balanced lifestyle. I also know that it sometimes takes even greater courage and commitment to maintain those changes, no matter how exciting the initial results have been.

I’ll help you discover which small changes and new habits can take you miles towards a healthier, happier, more positive and fulfilling life! 

Knowledge, combined with action, is power and I’m all about empowering you to get healthy and to stay healthy. It is this support, commitment to your education and ability to take action that makes working with a certified health coach such a success.

Let’s find out if we’re a fit 

Apply to schedule your FREE Health Clarity Consultation with me and find out how you can begin to take back control over your health, your happiness and your life! There’s absolutely no trick hiding behind this offer – I’m here to help you – if working together doesn’t seem like a fit for either one of us you’ll still come away with more clarity and a renewed sense of direction. 

Together let’s kick confusion and overwhelm to the curb and help you achieve the kick-ass health and vitality you long for!

Hugs and health blessings,