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1. Drink the purest water you can get your lips on. Spring water with low Total Dissolved Solids (under 100 PPM), no Fluoride (0) and a slightly more alkaline pH (7.7+) is best. Next best is Reverse Osmosis water or a good filter that Alkalizes and oxygenates tap water.

2. Eat healthy fats such as Organic Coconut Oil (YES, it’s one of the best and healthiest fats but, sadly for our health, got a nasty rap from the margarine industry as it was trying to take over the fats market . By the way, STOP eating margarine, butter or ghee is a much healthier choice. Read my Blog on the topic and you’ll never touch margarine again! Olive oil is another great choice but please don’t ever cook with it or heat it (very unstable and creates free-radicals at only moderately high heat).

3. Add a pinch (only a pinch) of high quality sea salt into each glass of water you drink. Your body will become better hydrated for one, plus it’s loaded with trace minerals your body needs and is likely craving. A few of my favorite brands are Celtic™, Nature’s Cargo™ & Selina Naturally™. Change up your choices to get a healthy variety of trace minerals.

4. Never use Iodized Table Salt! Worst of all it’s been bleached (would you eat crystallized bleach?) but also it’s been stripped of healthy trace minerals. Iodized Table Salt is the salt that leads to health problems not sea salt.

5. Eat food in the form closest to how it appears in nature – in other words unprocessed. For instance; Organic Brown Rice cooked or bloomed appears on your plate (and to your body) pretty much how it appears in nature. Rice crackers or rice milk doesn’t! Your body knows what to do with food in its natural state, how to put it to work in your body.

Also please note that eating Organic processed foods is only slightly better for you than non-organic – let’s face it, an organic cookie isn’t going to be much better for you than a non-organic one. It’s the sugar that zaps your immune system and frankly disease doesn’t really care what form that sugar comes packaged as – it just feeds on it!

6. Read all product labels carefully –look for ingredients that are natural and organic. The easiest rule of thumb is to find products with ingredients you can pronounce.

BUT don’t be fooled by the words “Natural flavor” or “Organic ingredients”. Natural doesn’t make it safe or non-toxic, unfortunately many companies have found ways around the labeling rules and are adding unnatural ingredients such as MSG into “flavorings” which then increases your continuous cravings for the food product your buying. Look for products that list the ingredients they used for flavor, i.e.: powdered onions, garlic or sage, etc.

7. Have a series of Colonic treatments done with a qualified Colon Hydrotherapist. You can easily learn how to give yourself a Coffee or Pro-Biotic Enema and administer that at least once or twice per week during a dietary cleanse. The mental clarity you attain plus getting rid of the nasty bloated feeling in your gut feels so good!

8. Body Brush with a natural bristle brush prior to a shower, brushing your entire body from your toes to your neck at least 3 times per week. Moisturize after your shower with pure coconut oil or Shea butter to avoid toxins from re-entering your body after this amazing exfoliating treatment.
Speaking of showering be sure to install a good quality shower filter to remove the chlorine and heavy metals from your water. A mere ten-minute hot shower can be equivalent to drinking 10 glasses of chlorinated tap water!

9. Avoid Sugar. I know, you hear it all the time but did you know that even the smallest amounts of sugar (even so-called “natural” sugar such as Agave) can suppress your immune system to a detrimental degree. Not only that, sugar is as addictive to your body as heroine. If you’ve ever gotten off of sugar for even a few days or weeks and then had some you can probably remember the high, spacey feeling you got when you consumed it again.
If you want better mental clarity, hormone balance and a more youthful appearance and attitude this is the #1 ingredient to avoid.

10. NEVER ever, EVER eat Aspartame – and be careful because it’s in nearly anything that says “sugar free” such as gum! This nasty ingredient is now being linked to the increased rate of brain tumors, MS, numerous cancers and other deadly diseases. Plus, did you know, it doesn’t help you to lose weight?
If you’re diabetic replace aspartame with Stevia or Lakanto (my favorite brand for both is by Body Ecology™). Neither of these affect your blood sugar nor increase your risk of developing numerous deadly diseases yet they satisfy our human desire for something sweet.

Download this amazing video Dr. Mercola on Aspartame & MSG
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I’m not suggesting you never drink soft drinks (well actually I am but I also understand that you’re human) but if you just have to have one on that rare occasion (like perhaps once a year) order a regular one instead (not diet)– at least your body can recognize sugar and knows pretty well what to do to get it out of your body…not so with Aspartame!

11. Avoid microwaving food or drinks…ever! It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought the healthiest, most organic and natural food on the planet, the second you microwave it you’ve disrupted it’s molecular structure, killed your food and restructured it in such a way that you are now consuming something so deadly for your body you can’t even begin to imagine!

12. Get out in nature for at least 15 minutes twice a day. If you can walk on grass with your bare feet even better. You need to reconnect with the earth and let her absorb all the of Electromagnetic Frequencies you’ve been absorbing throughout the day under artificial light or from sitting in front of your computer, TV or any other electrical device.
If this is next to impossible because you’re housebound or bedridden then look into purchasing grounding sheets (a great idea for everyone actually) to put on your bed – grounding you to the earth while you’re sleeping. Check out BareFoot Technologies™.

I know I only promised you The 12 Hidden Dangers that are leading to Toxic Weight & Robbing you of Health & Vitality but here’s the biggest healer and weight reducer as a bonus for you:

13. Laughter – get plenty of it! Watch funny movies and T.V. shows (skip the commercials though), read funny stories, hang out with positive and funny people. Laughter is true Internal Medicine!

Yours in Vibrant Health,
Nattacia Mantei, founder of
Courage to be Healthy™